Portalis Observatory & Shops (Updated! Please come see!)

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Hello everybody,

I wanted to shared my locations with everyone.

My main place is on Alnitans right outside the PS hub. It is called Portalis Observatory & Planetarium: The first Oortian Science Center. Home of Ancient Oortians - Research and Development Guild, where I research all things that link back to the Ancient Oortians. We are in search of technology as well as locating ruins or artifacts. As AO-RnD locates Oortian artifacts and anomalies I will report back on the forums.
This place is more for show and I thought a science theme location would be fun. (It is not totally finished, still revamping the planetarium and finishing the telescope, but wanted to share.)

Now, the main reason I am making a trade post is because I have two satellite shops. M-22 market spot in the Aqua Hub - 2nd floor as seen in the picture below. And my satellite Observatory in Alder part of Fire Savior’s market region. Please come by and take a look at my shop.

Things I sell:

Oort shards
Elemental Fragments
Creature drops
Shadow Orbs
Bitter Beans
Ornamental Flowers from meteors
Revive Augments
(more to come).

I am trying to find items that people need. If anyone has suggestions of items that might be in high demand, please share.


Awesome. Savior here! Good to have ya! I’m getting more request for the shopping district and am currently on vacation. I’m putting up a more portals to over there when I get back. Feel free to add them in your place if you like as well.

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Oort shards are stocked at both locations now

Didn’t find any oort shards on your alnitans build. Bought your bones though.

No idea how to get to these other places.

Oh yeah, I moved most of my stands to 2 different shops. I felt like maybe the atmospheric resistances were keeping sales away.

So in order to find my alder observatory you go through - the hive > fire savior portal > N to shop section > observatory

My second shop is in the aquatopia mall that moebius and his friends have. You can reach it by going through - grovidias > aquaious/ultima portal > aquatopian empire > second floor next to the fountain staff M-22

Currently i have 12k at the alder observatory

Hidden away then since I was there earlier and no stand in sight with oort. Not even one that was empty and had a price for it…

wiped out anyways :smiling_imp:

Though it was 14c there

Also found out the new aquatopia place has a TNT megahub portal good stuff.

Yeah sorry, nightstar wipped out the oort :slight_smile: and sorry nightstar. I forgot. I sell for 13c at aqua because the owner of the beacon has the tax epic and 14c at alder location because I dont have the tax epic for that spot yet. I will try to spec a second page though with the tax epic for the future

Oh, did you go to the alnitans one? that might be it. that stand was on the alder planet observatory

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Yeah I did :frowning:

A long time ago, months actually, I bought shards and rough from you there too so I knew where it was but I was apparently in the wrong place :frowning:

Sorry about that aenea :frowning:

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Isok, I’ll live! I would’ve wiped ya out too, lol :smiley:

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Hello Everyone!

I have finally finished my first build! YEY!

If you have time, please come visit my Planetarium it has been fully revamped and the interior is completely different. There is also an adventure walkway to take through the space adventure! You will be able to see every planet along the walkway in a nighttime view, so all builds are visible on their planet surfaces. :slight_smile:

I hope everyone likes the New and improved Portalis Planetarium on Alnitans!

Edit: I now have a portal from TNT hub on alnitans to my planetarium directly. In the corner next to nova golda farm on alnitans TNT.