Portals and Oort Shard: A Warning

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So I was setting up a 2x3 portal for a 13 blinksec jump, I placed my destination token and added my Oort shards, whereupon it told me that the portal was not big enough (needed 8). When I then added some extra conduit blocks, I found that the portal was empty of the 500 Oort shards I had placed inside. Just thought I’d warn people about this, not very happy right now :rage:

Please post bugs on the bug thread

when you change the shape of a portal, any token/shards inside will pop out of it (usually ontop), they will not simply dissapear.

That is what I expected, perhaps I should have had a thorough look in the vicinity, I think it might be too late now

this sounds like a bug?

and this is where to post them

or was your inventory full at the time?

if it was full they CAN de spawn so if you didn’t notice then… (and i also notice that sometimes certain items seem invisible (only noticed when dumping them or throwing my inventory at someone (trust me, do not trade that way anymore lol) - a few times i have been like did you get it? nope a few secs later… oh i just picked them up (the pick up message appears but neither of us could see the item once it dropped)

Yes I think it was, and the area above the portal was crowded with some natural blocks, so if they did pop out, they would have been out of reach. If there is no bug then I simply made some unfortunate choices out of naivety.

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i have edited my reply

yeh user error can suck sometimes :slight_smile:

And now I think about it, my inventory could not have been full, as I would have had a slot where the shards had been

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its a bug then, so go to the thread i linked and post it there :slight_smile:

I believe it has already been posted there

i lost today 1000 oort shards when i rebuild portals :frowning: its total s…t bugs