Possible Exo Suggestions

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Hey all,

No clue if this will make any ground or not but i feel this needs to be touched on. Exo planets were such a huge update to the game which seemed to bring back old and bring new players into the game. But i feel the patch itself was flawed in many ways.

For starters, the randomization of exo’s is great and all but the fact that we go days without a single exo planet up just feels like literally nothing new actually came out… Some slight recommendations would be always having at least one up. It doesn’t have to be a t7 at all times but if you release a new content patch the majority of the content should be available. Secondly we still haven’t even seen an exo planet with Umbris on it which makes crafting new things in the patch near to impossible(unless you do t7 meteors till you die). Thirdly the price for these planets can get quite out of hand. Possibly allow Temporary portals with maybe a new craft able portal block that requires the new materials? (possibly something that can be placed just like a temporary 1min portal but depending on how much ort you put in it will keep it open up to like a max of 2-3hours.)

I feel the game is going in a great direction but the fact that the days i would assume the majority of players have the most time to play the game and look forward to exploring new worlds and said such worlds are just not around. This is a flaw in terms of keeping players around.

Sure many people are going to comment on this and Say OMG there is so much stuff you can do even without Exos, just stop whining. That’s fine, but i would like to keep this post productive. Possible ideas on how this can be fixed? Or do you think there is nothing that needs to be fixed? Talk!!! But please keep this post toxic free. Thanks!


It’s be nice to have a guaranteed exo up at any given time but I ‘feel’ that if that were to become a thing and the tier of the exo was always low then people would just complain about no high level exos being spawned.

It is definitely super difficult to wait for the next exo to come out, or if you’re going to hear about it in time to get some of the good resources before they’re mined out and all that’s there is Swiss cheese.

Luckily for me exos were just a ‘cool’ new feature. It’s a take it or leave it thing personally. What I’m really stoked about is the farming update, so the way I feel about that is the way I’m sure some people feel about exos so I get that frustration.

Hopefully they’re just crunching data on the ones that have come out so far while they adjust and plan things based off those results.

Exos at least help hem identify and track down a PS4 problem, that imo has been around since release, so if that’s the same problem they think they have fixed based off the exo planet problem we have had, then I’m all for the slow and steady approach they have been taking so far.


Perfect Reply. Plenty of information and Responses! I’m definitely with you in some cases and i hope they continue to focus on the farming update. I feel sometimes we get random updates that nobody really was looking forward to when like literally one of the only things left on the Structured Path they put in place that hasn’t come out yet is farming. I would agree the slow pace is good if its in terms of them fixing issues and focusing on specific things but then again while we are all waiting for the farming update a new update is coming out that has nothing to do with farming but more forging and buffs… Sure that’s cool and all but that’s not something that will strictly bring someone to a game. I just wish with these big updates there was more to the update… Exo Worlds WOOT. oh never mind there is never an exo world up…

Is that possible to add exo landing notification in game ?
I mean no matter what players are going to post it in forum after all, and if things can be done in game i prefer don’t check the forum to get the info i need.

I know devs want us to explore the world, but at the end players will always check forum or discord to get the exo info they need. This basically how i feel at the moment.


Ya it’s a cool idea and all for players to randomly find them. But lets be real most players go to the higher planets to farm materials on those planets. Nobody runs around staring in the sky to see a planet ZIPP by them. Heck its hard enough to even shoot a warp at some of them they move so fast. An ingame feature would be nice.

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If I remember right they are making exos visible from most/all planets soon. It just may be a fast moving star so you know one is up. I’m excited about the hunter. Seems like a very different kind of creature to fight. Plus farming. I believe that’ll add a whole new involved kind of play. Figuring out what worlds make what dyes and if need “daily” care to grow

the way i read this is they are more visible but you will still need to kind of hunt for them cuz not all worlds are visible form 1 point

it seems like with exo worlds they want you to have to run around eveyday to see if they are up or not

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Yeah that’s how I took it too

I wouldn’t mind having a bit more to do on them. Honestly the threat level doesn’t feel much worse than t6, and there isn’t anything really new to do, just new items and colors to get. I really hope there are substantial bosses planned for exos, and maybe some other types of explorative goodies, like ruins and dungeons. This game needs ruins. The very nature of the game begs for it. Builds come up and go down. Adding ruins would show a rich and long history, and would do a lot to diversify exploration.

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Need hunter and titan enemies!! On t7 worlds it’s still to easy to just run from every fight. But hunters stalk and warp to you if remember right


Warp wraiths. And I believe they do portal to you. But we haven’t gotten much info about how it works or what planets tier they will be on.

Yeah. It’s getting old that can go to T7 and just run away from everything. I want the suspense of maybe dying out of the blue from an unseen enemy

I look very much forward to titans. Hopefully its not to far out.

I think they should give us niotice in the sanctum saying hey you theres an exo planet waiting for you.Im surprised they havent already done this when it first came out.I think its stupid having to come on this forum just to find out if the exo planet arrived.I cant be bothered to keep going through planets to see if ones there or not it takes up too much time.And i dont agree with how high the price is just to get to the exo world.It takes up alot of money just buying one aoe hammer to take it with me. so after buying my nice hammer im scrimping and scraping for more cash to get through that portal and many times ive missed out on the goodies ie rift etc because i found out to late and the world was hacked up.This is just my personal view.