Testing 222: Venerable Forging!

This update is accessible via the “Testing” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.

Please report all issues discovered to new posts in the #support category.

The following release notes are not final and should not be considered complete or exhaustive.


  • Venerable Forging: Added a new forge category for the creation of: buff bombs, armour buff weapons, auto-closing spanners, unchisel chisels and grabber fists. Ooooo - fancy.

  • Earthyam and Starberry Foods: Rebalanced to work better alongside other buffs.

  • Guild Management: A few QoL features for managing guilds.

Video Overview:

Testing 222:

Crafting + Resources + Equipment:

  • Added a new Venerable Forge category:
    • We have added a new “Venerable” category of Forge Boons to expand the Forge system to contain a selection of new Boons.
    • New craftable Venerable Gum; this functions the same as other Gums, and will help you target the new Venerable Boons in the Centraforge.
    • New Hard as Nails Boon for Slingbows and Fists; increases Impulse and Kinetic Armour. Available at 3 different levels. The “Hard As Nails” boon reduces the durability of the item to which it is applied whenever you are hit.
    • New Armour Bomb Buff Boon for Bombs; improve Citizen’s Kinetic and Impulse Armour and Resistance when targeting them with Forged Bombs.
    • New Speed Bomb Buff Boon for Bombs; improve Citizen’s Speed when targeting them with Forged Bombs.
    • New Strength Bomb Buff Boon for Bombs; improve Citizen’s Strength when targeting them with Forged Bombs.
    • New Auto-Closer Boon for Spanners; change doors to automatically close shortly after being opened by a Citizen.
    • New Unchisel Chisel Boon for Chisels; reset a block to an un-chiselled state when hit. Make a mistake whilst chiselling well this chisel will reset the state. You’ll no longer need to mine and replace the block.
    • New Power Grabber Boon for Fist Weapons; pull any dropped items to the user when the Fist destroys an object.
  • Big Changes to Starberry & Earthyam Cooked Foods. We found that Starberry, Earthyam and Meat foods functioned far too similarly, all providing hunger recovery and the Well Fed Buff. Earthyams will now recover the most hunger of all foods in game but not apply a food buff (handy for recovering hunger but not removing an older food buff). And Starberry food will now increase Energy Recharge rate instead of giving the Well Fed Buff.
    • Earthyam Soup: Now grants 2000 Hunger recovery, up from 750. No longer grants Well Fed.
    • Earthyam Stew: Now grants 2500 Hunger recovery, up from 1000. No longer grants Well Fed.
    • Earthyam Risotto: Now grants 3500 Hunger recovery, up from 1500. No longer grants Well Fed.
    • Earthyam Loaf: Now grants 4500 Hunger recovery, up from 2000. No longer grants Well Fed.
    • Earthyam Pie: Now grants 5500 Hunger recovery, up from 2500. No longer grants Well Fed.
    • Starberry Soup: Now grants 10 Energy recovery per second Recovery Buff instead of Well Fed Buff.
    • Stewed Starberry: Now grants 20 Energy recovery per second Recovery Buff instead of Well Fed Buff.
    • Starberry Porridge: Now grants 40 Energy recovery per second Recovery Buff instead of Well Fed Buff.
    • Starberry Bread: Now grants 120 Energy recovery per second Recovery Buff instead of Well Fed Buff.
    • Starberry Pie: Now grants 300 Energy recovery per second Recovery Buff instead of Well Fed Buff.
  • Increased the effectiveness of Recovery Brews:
    • Minor Recovery Brew now restores 30 Energy per second, up from 20.
    • Improved Recovery Brew now restores 60 Energy per second, up from 40.
    • Greater Recovery Brew now restores 120 Energy per second, up from 80.
    • Super Recovery Brew now restores 360 Energy per second, up from 240.
    • Mega Recovery Brew now restores 900 Energy per second, up from 600.
  • Update to Coin values on objects for the Chrysominter:
    • Tangle: was 0.5, now: 0.4.
    • Thorns: was 0.5, now: 0.4.
    • Growth: was 0.5, now: 0.4.
    • Ancient Corruption was 1.5, now: 1.
    • Compact Soft Coal: was 5 , now: 3.
    • Compact Coal: was 3 , now: 5.
    • Compact Copper: was 3.5, now: 4.
    • Compact Iron: was 3.5, now: 4.
    • Refined Silver Alloy: was 25 , now: 26.
    • Decorative Rift: was 152, now: 160.
    • Decorative Umbris: was 152, now: 160.
    • Decorative Blink: was 152, now: 160.
    • Trampoline: was 2.4, now: 2.5.
    • Slide: was 2.4, now: 2.5.
    • Oortstone Amalgam: was 15 , now: 30.
    • Meteorite Ichor: was 10 , now: 26.
    • Basic Beacon Fuel: was 1 , now: 10.
    • Greater Beacon Fuel: was 5 , now: 25.
    • Minor Beacon Fuel: was 0.05: , now: 0.1.
    • Floatation Sac: was 6 , now: 3.
    • Creature Mantle: was 0.2, now: 0.3.
    • Large Fossil: was 0.3, now: 0.7.
    • Small Fossil: was 0.7, now: 0.3.


  • Exoworlds will now consistently appear in the skies of other worlds the same way any other world will do, being displayed as “point planets” when too far away, retaining the more erratic movement pattern and particle effect around them. This should help broadcast their existence more consistently through the universe so you know to go looking for a world close enough to warp to it.
  • You can now equip up to three outfits of the same type simultaneously. Enjoy making some fashionable or questionable looks!
  • Added a click-to-skip option on the forge which will increase the next animation speed.
  • Updated all reference of Coins to Coin in Chrysominter description for consistency.
  • Correct you/your spelling error on all Fast Brew descriptions.
  • Disabled audio cue when interstellar travel effect wears off.
  • Added Newsflashes for the release 222 / 223.
  • Guild management:
    • Added “Seen” information to the guild member info, directly below the rank information. This will allow guild administrators to know when the member was last online. Note that members that have not played since this release will not have a “Seen” entry until they enter a world for the first time.
    • An icon has been added to show that a guild member is an active Gleam Club member.
    • Member endeavour and coin donations, and coin reimbursements, are now shown as lifetime totals over the entire guild and all factions (including factions that you are no longer a member of), independent of where you’re viewing them. Previously they would show data only for the actively viewed guild/faction.


  • Modified login flow on PS4 as a potential workaround to occasional startup freezing.
  • Require authentication on a range of universe APIs.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix an issue with new pick-up system where when picking up into an equipped slot, the hand would re-equip and caused prediction issues when placing blocks at the same time.
  • Fixed the description of Vigour Catalyst 1 & 2 to better describe the action of the Catalyst.
  • Fix for doors of 5 or more blocks high sometimes playing a close sound 3 seconds after being opened.
  • Fixed an issue with the PS4 chunkcache failing to correctly read existing entries at startup in the cache. The chunkcache on PS4 will be purged for safety as this could also lead to the cache on PS4 becoming oversized.

Testing 222.1:

Sanctum + Tutorial + Objectives + Progression:

  • Added 2 new Crafting Objectives to encourage players to try out some gameplay altering Forged Items.
    • “A Link to be Fast” crafting objective to obtain a Hookshot forged Grapple.
    • “Venerable Forge Experiments” to collect a few of the new Venerable type forged tools.


  • Items forged with gameplay changing Boons (such as the Undo Chisel or Healing Bombs) will now display a subtitle of the Forged Boon on Inventory hover and on the radial dial text.
  • Correct chiseled / chiseling to english spelling Chiselled / Chiselling for new Unchisel trait.
  • Reduced combat log spam when transitioning a portal whilst holding status effect granting items.
  • Added forged boon level data to item info.
  • Added a “Goto Knowledge” button to the testing cheat menu

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where equipping different items with different levels of the same buff wouldn’t change the applied buff level.
  • Fix for spanners taking wear damage when they hit an item that cannot be repaired.
  • Fix for incorrect Chrysominter tint setup (caused lots of warnings in logs).
  • Fixed an issue where Buff Bombs would still have knock back when used on other Citizens.
  • Fix for canceled craft items going to the initiator of the craft at the top of the queue instead of the player who clicked cancel.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Door Spanners could have a durability Boon or Defect at the same time.
  • Fix unchisel action removing rotation from bevel or square-chiselled blocks.
  • Unchisel now rotates meshes in the opposite direction to the normal chisel.

Testing 222.2:

  • Server optimisation when players generate huge amounts of block-drops over an extended period of time even if they were getting picked up/merged together.
  • Status Effects from Foods, Brews and New Buff Bombs will show numbers for the gameplay effects they make.
  • Fixed durability loss on held items with the Hard as Nails boon when stood near a power coil.

Testing 222.3


  • Added text for Recovery Food status effect.
  • Updated healing bomb tool tips to better explain what each bomb type does.
  • Improved consistency of forged effect presentation on items.
  • Integrated correct icons for venerable forge traits.
  • Forge traits which do an effect on hit (e.g. regen bombs, or undo chisels) now show this in the forge effect section of the right click menu, not the top section.
  • Made auto door spanner have more durability than before, and the amount of durability is relative to the base amount of durability (10% of base). Also auto door chisels can have durability traits too.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where drop pickup range was shortened as a result of optimisations (result has ended up as a larger range than before).
  • Fixed bug in display of items forged with drop attraction boons (it was showing the wrong increase in range).
  • Fix for client crash after dying while renaming a location in the places screen.
  • Fix for characters wearing 3 sets of pants so the tint wouldn’t show on the base set.
  • Fixed tinting wearables.

Testing 222.4:

  • Force the presentation size of visible exoworld “point-planets” (those that render as a little star sprite rather than a full textured sphere) to be fixed, regardless of actual distance.
  • Fixed an issue where PS4 players would appear to get stuck in the sanctum after being on an expired exoworld. The game was actually removing the exoworld chunks from the chunk cache to maintain the efficiency of valid data in the cache. However this process could be extremely slow on the PlayStation’s encrypted hard disks. The process could take up to a few minutes and hence appeared to lock the player in the sanctum.

Testing 222.5:

  • Fix for server crash when items wear out.

So new hunting class with the buff effects? sounds awesome in my books!

So glad i bought those christmas beards when i had the chance!


NO WAY !!!


Nice :smiley:
Nice that those foods work differently soon and we get much waited unchisel possibility :slight_smile:


Browsing over patch notes

Boring, boring, boring, boring, …


Just kidding. But this is awesome!


OMG!!! undo chisels and auto closers yessss…
This is gonna be cool.
I know some may not like the fact there are now more boons to pull from but I think overall its postive.


This update is awesome !!!

Awesome quality of life!!


What does this mean ?

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Looks like some changes are coming for game modding.


Super stoked about the bomb buffs, hope these changes also come with better hit detection on players for non-damaging bombs. Having heals fall off because someone moved (or damage on enemies) is sad


Food is finally fixed! We’re all saved!


Nice QoL update! Wish i had bought that christmas beard now :joy:


Overall the patch seems to have a positive tone.

Though, I’m wondering about something @James; since you are looking into forge stuff already for this future release, are we likely to see Spanner and Fist AoE boons receive a fix that make them actually work? :slight_smile:

And I like the idea of the buff bombs quite a bit. :bomb:


yes yes yes. I’m stoked for this.


Oh wow I missed this too the first time! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

i think the food balancing might also neccesary thing on the path to farming =)


This all looks like fantastic QoL improvements! Looking forward to jumping on testing later this evening!

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People wondered when the first chrysominter change would occur. Here we are. I think the changes are pretty decent overall. Interesting that corruption dropped a full .5 but then again those fossils had a switcharoo too.

Overall looks like a fantastic qol update. Can’t wait to see how the PS4 runs after the cache purge.

Everyone else:

I’m sorry but this make me very happy, since the guild restriction update we have a little member overcapacity without a decent way to manage it. This sure helps!