Testing 222: Venerable Forging!


No fix for the pick up range and priority of the Player inventory for Picking up blocks?


Can’t wait to test the bomb buffs to see if we still have the position update lag problem.


Thanks!! :slight_smile: I really do think this will help out the people who are just playing the game without coming here and such. Will serve as a good reminder even for those of us that do, or who may be absorbed in the game when it pops up. Plus it will look cool!

Nice! I remember once I walked up to somebody and they did the facepalm emote… could only guess it was because my look is a bit over-the-top. Well, wait til they see me now… muahahaha… :smiley:


And the break continues


Pretty much what I’m waiting for. I quit healing because of the update lag. Make good throws and then no one gets healed. Major bummer.

Np with an extended break. I took a 3-4 month one. Enjoying myself now more than ever. Lot of QoL things added that encouraged me to keep playing after that break.


Are these mutually exclusive like special boons, or can you put them all on one bomb bag?


Hurray to auto-closing door boon and multi-wearables!



From my testing so far, they seem to be mutually exclusive.


Oh, and for those wondering on venerable gum costs.


Nooooooooooooooo I got rid of those


They have value now :sweat_smile:


lmao thats hilarious! finally a sink for earthyams


See you can never get rid of anything because they will use it in some recipe at some point. And they wonder why we have billions of blocks in storage.


Oh I’m not really worried. I don’t forge… yet at least. Tho I’ll probably get the pc version tomorrow and check out the all the new changes and try my hand at forging.

Also I have oodles of aoe tools that I can go ham with to get all the earthyams anyone could ever need :sweat_smile:


Yams are a dime a dozen though, so easy to farm :crazy_face:


Spoilers below, might not be meant to exist. :man_shrugging:

There also seems to be a new brew, but it is not present in the Knowledge tab, nor is it crafteable, so it may be a test-specific brew or a placeholder for the release after this one. Only the ancient gods will know.


Always save 4-10 smart stacks of stuff. Never get blindsided by changes and then being “out” of materials.


This is likely the messages we get at the start of login showing the features… the news section you have under the ESC menu. 222 and 223 are release numbers.




I wanted to comment on all the awesome stuff i read but then i ended up quoting it all. Great new variety to the forge, awesome improvements to make those pies more useful, and woooooonderful GUI+HUD fixes.

^ My prayers have been answered xD