Testing 222: Venerable Forging!


My some-million yams are going to come in handy finally xD



Any chance we could get an “auto open” boon for spanners… it would be handy for ensuring that decorative doors are mostly in the intended state without having to hide a lock somewhere ^^

edit: or just have the boon cycle between 3 states: auto close, auto open, and normal behavior :heart_eyes:


Well, I just snatched up 2,806 free earthyams from shops stand that were selling them for 0c.


@james. Please tell the devs thanks! This update makes me so happy I could cry.

And thank you!


Excellent! Few questions:

  1. Can the Venerable Bomb Buffs be stacked? Can I forge a bomb that gives Speed AND Strength?
  2. Do the Buffs themselves stack on the player? Or will I have to worry about fellow bomb mages replacing my buffs with other/lower buffs? Do they stack with brew/food buffs too?
  3. Can a bomb be forged to heal AND buff?
  4. Do the buff boons have fixed AOE? Or can I also forge in bigger AOE for more multi-buffing potential?


This could be tested. If I get to it i will post the results here
Perhaps in an hour or two


Yeah totally! I just won’t be home for hours to help test! So I’ve got to put the questions out there!


I don’t fully get it but i like where this is going xD


Looks like buff stacking may be exclusive. See comments above in these posts…


LEave it open then use the auto door spanner on it and it will do that :slight_smile:

Testing 222 Feedback
Testing 222 Feedback

Finally! Protection against those non-door closing savages!

Thank you so much!


so… wait… the auto close boon only gets 25 uses???



Guess that means we should only use em on stone spanners


Ah, very nice!


I sense the making of hundreds of Oortian fashinistas in the near future. ^.^


LOL did you just flashy-thing us?


My monicle and horn allows me to be both cultured and fun.


I’m a little bummed my gobs of starberry porridge won’t fill that bar anymore, but I will say this makes sense and can be helpful.

Just gotta rearrange my way of thinking.


They still recover Hunger (as all food does), just we gave it a new Food Buff