Possible Fix for Fall Damage? [VOTE]


We all know the issue that when we are on characters that have increased health pool, any sort of fall damage is a dangerous thing. And that is because fall damage is currently based off of percentage (I’m assuming). This results in falling only a few blocks can sometimes mean 1000s of damage.

So in the current state, those who have invested skill points into having higher health, have to also carry with them a means of healing, or be incredibly careful - which can be hard due to sometimes taking damage from hitting walls and the ‘running over chiselled floor issue’ that I’ve heard about (personally never experienced).

Many peoples first idea of how to fix would be to simply make fall damage point based, not %. But this is not a good idea on it’s own because this would indeed mean you wouldn’t take 1000s of Dmg from a 5 block fall. BUT you could also max out your health pool, have the falling armour skill points (even stack a floating food or health increase food) and theoretically jump 100s of blocks and survive… Which wouldn’t make too much sense.

Don’t touch fall damage, but make your health regen (the +20 health you get periodically) percentage based. So if you’ve got maxed out health, you’ll still be able to hide and Regen health much like people who have the smallest health bar. Because to be honest, the normal health regen is useless if you’ve got thousands of health.

Because if we’re being honest it’s not usually how much damage we take being annoying, it’s how long we’re going to have to wait for that health to come back or the need to pop a potion/bomb.

Any thoughts or additions?

  • Make Fall Damage % Based
  • Make Health Regen % Based
  • Leave it to someone with a game design qualification Ovis…

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Edit* Meant to say make fall Dmg POINT based, not % (In the poll)


I do think both hp regen and fall damage need a balance pass, but I’m not sure how I’d fix it. %hp regen sounds amazing, even if it’s just put on the epic, but fall damage seems like a different animal. Right now, %fall damage greatly encourages you to be careful or just use grapples for stuff.


Oops, did see this after voting for Regen % based. But still after that option I would have ticked hp regen to be % based, because IMO at least that epic should be like that. :smiley:

I would vote also change off from % based damages that increasing hp wouldn’t be punishing; if heal consumables aren’t % based why there is damage types that are like that? Fall damage could be logarithmic or exponential flat based instead of current % based.


I like that you are offering solutions, I just don’t love them, so here’s my thought. What about extreme fall damage that would otherwise kill you instead put you in a stunned, critical state where your health is “negative” and will not regenerate back to zero so that it must be cured (and maybe not even with food, so that healing pots and bombs are promoted). I would also force this stunned state to offer very slow movent speed and an inability to jump. I would also make this state be a next-hit-kills state. A weakened state like this, to me, would be more effective than death to utilize other aspects of play that are oft overlooked.


Another alternative i like is fall damage alone will never kill you, just take you to 1 hp. FFXIV uses this fall damage method. A random spitter/cuttle could still easily finish you off.

I know thats a big change but it would make grappling 10x more fun with no fear of immediate death. Lagging off the side of your build in the sky would be less frustrating as well.


Nice brainstorm of ideas going on here :slight_smile: The trouble with changing it so you would never die from fall damage would make people careless when grappling and building etc. Seems like the main down side to dying from fall damage is the death penalty itself. Perhaps being able to “buy” yourself out of death penalty with coin?

But this could also potentially punish people who enjoy doing things that don’t reward as much coin such as builders and explorers?

It’s damn tricky balancing a game when you really think about it :joy:


Wait. Wouldn’t that make the game more fun!?


Haha on the face of it, yes. But in reality, you need punishment and risk, the hard bit is finding out to what degree.

Imagine hunting but the creatures couldn’t kill you, not fun at all imo. Do a level 1 meteor on a tier 3 world with a Shielding Pie… Overkill :joy:


Master Forge buff “no fall damage” grapple anyone?


That’s a cool idea :ok_hand:


I only experienced that problem a few days ago when I finally made one of my alts a dedicated hunter.

100% this. 25 health reg (+50 with 5 point epic) with 12000 hp is a joke.
It’s a drop into the ocean.


Lol before you said that I was going to delete it. Basically with skill, we already have this with grapples.


That is also true lol, the worst with is when you trying grapples onto something, but miss… Then you have to wait till your grapple “comes back” till you can retire it and you die :joy: But as they say “hit your shots!” And that won’t happen :joy:


Making it a flat point value Might be hard to balance, I think we are either going to have, People who have high HP who can fall an insane amount and not die. (rather or not this is a good thing. I do not know.)

Or we are going to have new players or other players with extremely low HP dying from even the slightest bump.

Depending how it is balanced.

This doesn’t really fix the problem in full. Fall damage haves a modestly high risk of just flat out killing you, in which case HP Regen is not going to do you any good at all. Also tampering with HP Regen also means they are tampering with the combat aspect of this. balancing regen for fall damage may unbalance it for PvE

The problem with fall damage in this game, is that at rare times the fall damage seems extremely random, and you can just randomly die from a 4 block jump and fall, when this shouldn’t kill you.

And the fact we have tools that allow you to launch yourself around, makes it extremely likely people will be sustaining fall damage from the impact.

I think the sensitivity of fall damage its self needs to be reduced, As I am even able to sustain fall damage by running up a set of stairs, or over signs that are placed on the ground face up, if I do so fast enough.


Yeah, i think another option might be good. I also dislike running into a step and taking damage. Maybe just dialing it back a bit. Im ok with the % algorithm but a fall of a few blocks shouldnt take 80-90% of my health and a fall onto a chiseled block shouldnt wipe me out. I get tired of that.
…note falling onto “copper” chiseled blocks in the right direction seem to negate fall damage.
… I vote fix fall damage on chiseled blocks and dial it back just a bit.


One thing is for sure, it’s definitely broke right now and it definitely needs to be fixed…


I like fall damage being a timed debuff to your move and action speeds as the primary penalty. You can add a tiny bit of HP damage on there as well, but more for flavor rather than balance.

The more you fall, the higher the penalty (stacks like snowball shame did) and the slower you get. The fall damage reduction skill would reduce the length of the penalty but not the strength.

I don’t think there’s a good purely HP solution. You will always either give players a way to outscale fall damage or make fall damage too severe. Leave the HP bar out of it. Going slow is enough of a penalty (see: swimming).


Oh wow, im guessing you have the falling armour epic so you don’t die? And if you didn’t take that kind of damage would you spend your 5 points into something else?

Also, nice lighting :ok_hand:


Without the falling armor, I would be sustaining damage from that, yes.

In that case no, I was using the skill page I designed for gleam bow racing, Low HP, to get the most out of the 5 points of falling armor. then various other combat related skills.

Thank you.


Honestly I’d just be happy with that Quirk - Bouncy Feet, not killing me when I jump a few times :stuck_out_tongue: