Post Your Screenshots! 2nd!

I sell mine for 88k

OK, just baby steps, but a while back I started an HDR thread, and whilst that might be a slightly different deal to what I’ve started to do here … this is no less cool …

I’ve been making the first steps to playing with the ReDream shaders, and simply using the ‘Adaptive Tonemapping’ shader allows you a lot of control for setting up HDR light/colour functionality on standard monitors (I think). Settings below post.

Here’s a few examples, just click the first one and either click or swipe through them full screen to get the idea.

first up is @Samski’s glass room …



then this lovely tower in Cat Town …



now @bucfanpaka’s lovely tree on a hill from @georgegroeg



now @Shadykatt34’s underwater spectacular



and this awesome pyramid on trung!



and finally EZPZ hub on sochi …



All done with hardly ANY knowledge or skill on a very much non HDR monitor ( it is 10-bit, mind ) … one user I spoke to in chat reckons that you can do a lot of cool stuff with more time.

I mean … I am already well aware that the above results are not perfect ( I need to mask the UI, and also work on the bright (( specular ? )) highlight details ) … but it shows what difference you can make with only a tiny … TINY … brain like mine. :sweat_smile: I’d wager even the below will probably look a bit better, too!

First three settings are (respectively):

  1. ACES Unreal Engine 4
  2. 1.266
  3. -2.492

I’ve been playing with some of the others, and getting even better results (I think).


Thanks!! :smiley: I’ve gotta give credit on the tree though - that was the work of the awesome @georgegroeg who built it for me! :blush: (I doubt I could ever build anything that good! :flushed: :joy: )


Well then credit he now has! :sweat_smile:

FWIW … I know you and @majorvex likely know this already, and probably know more about the danged thing overall than me … … but I dare say that reshade could help make your amazo photos even amazo-er!


Thank you. Your screenshots do look amazing with it. Are all the settings in one json file?


Unfortunately not … it’s a separate program … I could maybe do a post on it (there might already be one) … but I’m still trying to get the settings just right … I’ve tried a couple of others just now (from the advice of another user in the game chat) and it’s getting there … perhaps a little too over saturated right now … need to find a happy medium, I think.

I believe what I could do, once I find a good balance … is to publish some kind of file that folks can just load in to reshade as a loadout or something … but I’m still learning about it.


What I just said to @Artemida (who was unsure because it’s yet another program) on Steam chat was:

I also made a ‘solid’ RAR backup of my Boundless folder before just in case, as it’s only 3GB … but that may have been overkill.

if you want the settings that I’m currently using they’re above … but I’m playing with more … like this with a tad more saturation using the ‘technicolour2’ shader at only .25 strength …

I also started playing with ‘sensitivity’ in the main ‘Adaptive Tonemapping’ one I’m using … and I turned on a marginal shader called ‘Clarity’

Also … There’s two threads here:


ReShade guide (reduce agressive colors saturation)


Here’s an example of an issue that I mentioned I need to look at … masking the HUD / GUI … because the shader is washing it out.

But the tunnel itself is ■■■■■■■ stunning! :smirk:

Perhaps that will get fixed, though, if I find a way to handle what I think are called ‘specular highlights’ … I dunno, I’ve been watching too many HDTV Test videos on YouTube! :sweat_smile:


For what it’s worth, in the link I posted in my original post above, I think that I might have found json files that could do some of this, @majorvex … so maybe now knowing what I do about this I could amend those!


This might help with the GUI, but not with the overall “specular highlights” thing … this is from guilighting.json:

   "ambientColor" : [ 1, 1, 1 ],
   "ambientIntensity" : 2.5239999294281006,
   "frontColor" : [ 1, 0.87000000476837158, 0.86000001430511475 ],
   "frontIntensity" : 4.184999942779541,
   "frontPitch" : -0.50499999523162842,
   "frontYaw" : -2.2880001068115234,
   "hdr" : 2.0320000648498535,
   "sideColor" : [ 0, 0.60900002717971802, 0.79600000381469727 ],
   "sideIntensity" : 1.3420000076293945,
   "sidePitch" : 0.5,
   "sideYaw" : -3.1570000648498535

my W key is almost entirely on the fritz and i’ve been frustruatedly not really able to hunt lately, but i can chisel!


You could auto-hotkey (or remap) a different one, mate … alternatively if you’re NW greater LDN in the UK i’ll happily pop by with some screwdrivers and contact cleaner some time (you would need to get some canned air) …

Basically I’m saying don’t junk your board, I’m sure it’s probably OK, mate … just needs a little love. :wink:

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it does need love, i’ve been watching videos about overhauling the keyboard on a macbook pro (2015 15", non-retina i think) to desensitise to the idea of doing it :smiley: i feel like i really ought to learn to use a game controller and stop hammering the bejesus out of the laptop too… do you have tech grok to help me know what game controllers out there work with a macbook pro 2015? it’s the start of the month so i can probably afford to get it still to boot and gt back to hunting :smiley: i’ve developd left hand trigger finger so this change has been overdue for a while, i guess things have to break several ways before i blink ;D

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I don’t have a grok for ya, but the best analogue controller out there is the Steam Controller, which comes with added benefits for PC players, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on MAC.

EDIT - It does:

Mac users must be running OS X 10.8 or newer to use the Steam Controller

You used to be able to pick them up in CEX (or whatever your local tech part exchange store is called) for not much more than £25-30. I’d really like another, tbh.

@Artemida was saying that the prices are skyrocketing, though.

If you don’t wanna go controller (and it’s FPS, so that’d make sense) then I would recommend either:

  1. A cheap 60-70% keyboard (smaller) + Mouse
  2. A keypad for your left-hand + Mouse

In these configurations you’ll just have more functionality, and with the keypad even better ergonomics. If you have an MMO mouse then things improve further with tons of extra buttons. My cheapo Rytaki has 12 on the side, and 5 up top!

Might need this chat broken out into a thread if we get super into it. :wink:

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I don’t know where to post this. So I guess here is fine. :man_shrugging: :v:



A few shots of Love :heartpulse: on Sochaltin I, now i have learnt to press F10 to remove UI:


Bruh… (just seen this)

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:blush: yeah I need to finish it. But I got distracted with other builds. But I’ll be back on it soon. I may add wings to it.


Your second picture with the purple road: I am so confused how the wooden part is possible. It looks like chiseled blocks all right next together. It is messing with my mind. I know I am late to the thread- but do you remember where this might be? I need to understand that witchcraft!

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Do you mean this picture?

That’s the pattern on Decorative Lustrous Wood.


Yes! That is what it looks like? Dang I have got to do more playing with blocks. Thank you!


Just brace yourself for the fact that the pattern/the texture is depended on where you place that block in the world. So your plans for a certain pattern can be fooled :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, that’s funny. I almost included the same warning!