Post Your Screenshots!

Same here sky high.


Right outside of the Gemporium. Carving statues out of the ice, then re-skinning them with better blocks. Making a Jurassic Park sorta, with my version of the boundless wildlife.

Work in Progress. Admission = free


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wheres the tikibar :smile:

Awesome! I can’t wait to get totally lost in it!

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All credits goes to @Zina

you should all go to the gemporium and visit this place (specially at night)!


Thnx for the likes. and kind words @Tarahyumaro. It’s not done though. I’m still experimenting with colors and contrast etc. @AmandaPan , Would you be interested in making a Roadrunner again? I liked yours so much from long ago. I think I just bought this game when you guys were in the middle of that competition.


It’s like you read my mind :stuck_out_tongue: I was hoping to rebuild it somewhere else on someone else’s plots since that area is so dead (and so I can take my plots back), so that’s perfect.

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Awesome I will give you beacon permissions! And show you were I would love it. Also can ad more to the plots if needed. When do you want to meet there? I’m playing as we speak actually.

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:grin: I was wondering when you were going to add the next level!


could you post your game logs as well please?

I suppose you mean the character screenshots, not the bombmined mountain :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are old screenshots taken when with @Ulisse we found a place in Therka (i believe the coordinates were something like 45, 45 , in the ice zone, where he built his pyramid); there was a block under the ice that - when uncovered - stepping on it was an infinite hole going directly into the space

i wouldn’t be able to find the exact spot, the log is impossible, that happened like 1 week or more ago :frowning:

This seems to happen a lot when you mine block under your feets, always happen like 2-3 times a day when i go mine ressources.



yeah i also been visiting that twilight zone under piramid it is pretty epic
nothing to be concerned about devs :wink:
just another dimension we found hahaha
@Tarahyumaro alterego lives there rocketboot laser lord



Yeah! :japanese_ogre: