Post Your Screenshots!


Your fate is sealed @TheGamerfuls
You have 48 hours to show us a screenshot with a full advanced coils setup.
“sleeping is cheating” we are watching you :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(wait no please don’t do it. Im joking right?)


I did manage to get around 100 diamond :thinking:


While that’s not enough for a full set of advanced cores it is a pretty good start!


Black Light Tower


Awkward Mining Inc. Trading center.

Ashen blue bricks are amazing at night/dusk


Very pretty…looks like something out of a Wes Anderson movie.


Wow thats cool as hell!


Merln since I have met you.You have help me dearly in the progress of the game. thanks for all the help.


Got my workshop with a few coils finally up and running


Deleted a few comments here.

This is a screenshots thread, let’s keep it that way and take your arguments elsewhere.


Looks like a place i stumbled across in the sky yesterday.


This is superb construction! Awesommme!!!


Presenting BCON BRGR 1.0! It’s been around for a while but i havent posted anything yet as I’ve been quite busy… This is the original go-to landmark on ultima shopping district, see you all there!


Rapidly replacing the burger as ultima’s landmark is the new “bunbun bunny”, soon to be a hungry bunny for all kinds of drops :yum:

And they said “builder” wasn’t a viable profession… :smirk:


Was just admiring this today. Great job man!


What colour are those refined stones?


Cool violet, courtesy of that beautiful ball of rock Alder


How you guys come up with this stuff is beyond me! Some really great builds there.

Do you builders use another program to plan out your builds first?


Lots of people use magicavoxel to plan their builds. Does not support boundless sloped blocks, but is a good planner program


cool i never thought about planning stuff…
i need to try it :>