Post Your Screenshots!


A mid-jump shot of a passer by at my Ski Jump:


Yea i’ve heard magickavoxel a lot. I was hoping there was a mobile equivalent so I could plan at work since when Im home im generally playing and not planning :sweat_smile:


ye same over here :smiley: when im at home i wanna play :>


Pictures of my Riverside Gallery build across from the wonderful River Towns harbour on Arie.


This truly made me hungry lol


I usually multitask between two systems. The one is a powerful program that has grids and allows you to draw circles on them called Excel, and the other is trial and error chiseling :yum:

Literally bunny head done on mobile (2D, used the second program for 3D rotation)


Most of my creations start with an idea, or a simple bit of architecture I want to include, like Roman pillars;


Then something along the lines of ‘maybe vines around the pillars would look nice?’, so I Google ‘vines wrapped around pillars’;

I go down those rabbit holes for a few hours and collect a folder full of reference images. Once I have a sound idea of what I’m building, I’ll decide on a palette (I’ll setup shelves just for that project and see what colours look best together). Some light reading on Colour Theory definitely helps.

From there I’ll plot out the area and get to work. Keeping things like symmetry, asymmetry, the Golden Ratio and the sort of mood I want to create all in mind.

After I’m done with the basic build, I’ll go around tidying things up and creating a bit of visual storytelling with my builds (most people don’t notice the subtle details, but I know they’re there) such as at the new bathhouse;

There’s a railing missing from the bridge. The bathhouse is old, and it’s taken some damage over time. If you look in the water beside the missing panel though;

You’ll find the missing railing.

This is what building is all about for me - not just creating something visually appealing, but something people can explore, filled with little Easter eggs.


Try Qubism, it’s a free app on mobiles and it allows you to even do the chiselling.


Love Alistair’s X-mas bridge 8))))


Ultima Guild HQ on Finata at midnight :slight_smile:

View from different angle :slight_smile:

Ace castle (build by me ^_^)

More will come soon :slight_smile:
I hope u like it :smiley:


Ultima Guild HQ is beautiful and grows very fast, there are a lot of things more than the first screenshot. When did you take that image Hash? Just to understand how fast people build


the first one is from max alt :slight_smile:


Yes thanks, but I was interested in when you take that screenshot(Atzh tower is very bigger now)


like 2 weeks ago maybe


:+1: very dedicated and fast builders in here


(not quite on Ultima’s scale) but this is my first official “house” type build :slight_smile: Tudor Style:


very nice :smiley:


Thanks! :smiley:


Guys I crafted an Iron hammer, is there any skilled forger to make it 3x3 thingie, but please no +dmg modifier, I’m scarred it would be too much…


Can you swing that and let me know how many blocks you break? :thinking: