Post Your Screenshots!


Awkward and Alistair -> Amazing art in our new Mining center!!!


I love the framing. Real nice work. It’s this image here if I’m not mistaken:


Quite painstaking work with the titanium chisel.


Castle Gleamskull (Happy Halloween!)




one person’s loneliness is another person’s peaceful solitude


Amen. Stay away!!


Looks like it must be the pixelart design used. I agree, definitely painstaking. Awkward and Alastair working on it together for a solid day.


Still a work in progress~

Think it will always be a work in progress really xD


i had to dig out everything as it is 75% located underground. (see first screenshot)
it took about 250 hrs getting it all cleared
plots used so far 1800 its a huge project of mine still work in progress :slight_smile: 10% done on it, come and visit when you like
happy building!


Here’s the only screenshot I’ve ever took of the game in all my weeks of playing so far.

Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:



Happy Halloween!


3 trapped Roadrunners! I thought Christmas was in 2 months?


This was my early christmas present last night.


Ooooh that is definitely an early Christmas present, is that ontop of a tree?!


Inspiration for the minions;


Shameless plug :blush:




Getting in the mood for Halloween


A sneak peak at what I’m making in my next “Building a Settlement” Video series - My Lil’ Bakery :slight_smile: