Post Your Screenshots!



The house on the lake is soooo peaceful. I LOVE IT.


Thanks dude! That will soon be a little Village with a Theme Park inside it - very much a work in progress ^^


Do you have the coords? I kinda want to see it in"real" life.


Of course -1330N 922E on Arie :slight_smile: I have a portal at Ultima in Finata, in the personal Portal area (by the big tree) its in one of the corners, labeled ‘Ovis’


Statue is coming along nicely!


Can’t wait to see the thing complete! :scream:


Wait until you see the wings :wink:


Refgar? You’re next to that huge ash field I have a beacon and a little hut at?

And sjeesh these Dutch people and digging huge holes, insanity! I’ve tried to find a way in earlier, BTW, but couldn’t I think you were inside building at that time…


haha yeah thats correct :stuck_out_tongue: , the entrance is now located at the water side.
yet its a work in progress imagine this only to be 20% done!


Am gonna drop by later today to take a look!

(Ben nu wel even nieuwsgierig hoe het er uit ziet!)


it is nothing special just yet, the build will be finished roughly end november, but taking a peek is always allowed


This is a Tudor Bakery I have recently made. I made a video of me building it, but after 5 hours of rendering it (turn out to be an hour long video) the audio was missing from the first 90 seconds… But I hope you can enjoy this instead! :smiley:


Oh, that’s yours, @Ovis? I remember seeing it perhaps a week ago or so? I can’t remember when or where, but I remember the Bakery signs out front.

Nice looking Tudor House you have there. I’ve been building one myself recently. They’re much easier since the chisels were updated for half blocks and bevels!


Hey! I finshed this a few days ago, but I do have another building which is simlilar, but bigger, with the same style of sign out the front :slight_smile: Oh really? Got any screenshots?


Ah, it must have been your other build then.

I’ll post a screenshot when it’s further along. I don’t usually post half finished builds, as I change my mind about things a couple dozen times before they’re finished.


Speaking of chisels …

They are the best thing in the world (that doesn’t have cheese on it)



Where is that second to last one! I want to make the giant guardian statues there haha


If I’m not mistaken it is Xa Frant. I don’t remember the coordinates, sorry) added: Color scheme from Xa Frant, yep