Post Your Screenshots!



wow, loved the pergola :ok_hand:



I did that.
Not fun, but the acomplishment orgasm was great.

Didnt buy all coils, but farmed 1600 saphires in one sitting.

I still see 3x3 stones dissapearing at lightning speed with flashes of bueatifull blue when i close my eyes… several days later.


Looking for Neighbors. :grin:


a story worthing thousand screenshots
That’s more than enough for some ultimate extractor! :grin:

You have all my respect.
would have pressed “F” but seem a bad idea right now… damn grapple!


I’ve finally joined the Oort-Age and added portals to my Ski-Jump! A few steps after landing you can have another go!

I feel an addictive portal urge coming on…


Every color of gleam in the known universe 8)))

Thx Awkward for putting this together!


There was criticism, but I was wrong. Good luck with the construction. :heart:


hahah seen that before :wink:



I finally got around to making a reshade preset and wow the overhued planets come out gorgeous. This is Shedu Tier.


I found this today. Besides I like the idea, I couldn’t avoid to think on someone on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Herobrine confirmed :joy::joy::joy:



Discovered an ancient crashed craft on my property.

Can the owner please see the receptionist to claim.

Thank you,
Sochaltin I


Presented without comment:


Lots to go but at least the pool is in.


Ultima HQ City during rainstorm :slight_smile:

Made by @Psyborg


touch of blade runner there with all that rain…just need some belching fire and you’d be all set