Post Your Screenshots!


My settlement on arie . still baby shoes


What do you mean looks like art? IT IS ART!


Come down and do a few laps.


november project going up!


the boys are back in town.


I don’t know many games where empty rooms look this pretty.


Nice looking interior, @Kirinvar!


No matter how hard I try, my rooms will never look this pretty :stuck_out_tongue:
Where is this building?


Head to the PS Biitula Hub and go through the Ancient Gate City Portal and it’s right in front of you.

I’ve replaced most of the blocks because i was unhappy with the colors i used.
It was one of the first things i’ve build in the new universe when less colors were available .
I’m still in the process of replacing the roof. :slight_smile:

Here is how it used to look like:

… still undecided between red or violet roof …


definitely (dark) violet - you’ve got enough reddish shades going on already


Finally finished my alts house in anvil on seginiaki. Its opens if anyone wants to go take a look haha. It has a nice brick patio, decorative flooring, wide, open windows and floor plan. Includes a storage of earthyams, one of each machine laid into the floor, and some gleam in the corners for lighting alongside some skylights for natural lighting indoors


Hello there! I’m from Boori) :scream_cat:


Hi @hranica , i been missing your fantastic builds. :slight_smile:


This is a good use of the transform chisel. Really beautiful



Here you go :blush:






Progress on my shared factory


That’s a real unique looking build there @Rumplypigskin - nice work.

I’m loving the new signs that were just added. Been having fun with them today;