Post Your Screenshots!


Very nice :+1:


Love the organization!


Slowly coming along!


I am not a builder but this game has made me pick up a chisel and I’m enjoying messing around with it. Probably going to be a multi-month project.



yow love it uses same lines as my modern villa on maryx
some people suggested to do a cribs post this is perfect for it :sunglasses:


Going to finally make another complicated, symmetrical, chisel build. This is definitely going to be my largest build by far. Stay tuned… this is just a quick bridge with more detail needed later.


Fell in love with Little Japan and decided to build there. It’s my first oriental build, and is still under construction, but here are some screenshots;


So much wonderful detail. The materials used work really well, so many nice elements ( especially the compact iron). The detail under each roof is fantastic, especially the first floor! If you stand in front, look up, then back up till all the roofs are visible at once…just…lovely.


Your Tower and Bentos Castle makes my shrine looks like its made out of Legos haha :rofl: you guys are awesomeee :star_struck:


Just a progress shot , I ditched the violet pad for black



Really beautiful <3 Where is this located>


Thanks @Iona. I’m still working on it, so it’s changing a little - but I appreciate the kind words.

It’s located on Alder, in Little Japan. There’s a large portal to Little Japan inside the main Ultima HUB Clocktower; alternatively the Alder co-ordinates are; -1,379N 1,084E


Finally finished the Pagoda! I removed the Boundless logo from the top. I love the logo, but it was a little too cheesy for a traditional build;

Most of the work I’ve been doing on it has been on the inside;

The leaves on the ground were a little tip I picked up from @Brea;

There are some really cool lighting effects looking up at the rafters during different times of the day;

I can rest now!


Reminds me of a carbon fiber pattern.


Chilling poolside, taking selfies with my slingbow .


big dump of my screenshots (prob never posted before)




Ooh I need to dump all my screenshots at some point.


A new tunnel from the house to the base of

my tower for those rainy days .


my friend just broke the game there is no guy standing up there
@cornigeria made it