Post Your Screenshots!



@cornigeria made it


Am i in heaven?


No, heaven is in Aus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and @Touch122 that’s a very nice sanctum you got there! I cant wait for the titan flesh to make those really convincing :wink:


my friend made the sanctum @cornigeria


hmm :thinking:

Random Tree Vandalism


Surprised cliff is surprised



Do not know what landed here.


I finally started my first real build in Boundless.
Sneak Peek:


Yes, the Sanctum!!
But i’m tired so please let me rest.

And the only pleasure i have is to sit on these blocks.

My build is in ‘Sunken City Of Love’ on Sochaltin planet.

Come and see my dear fellow citizens!!

(ps: the outside of sanctum is already on work)


So nice




Celestial alignment.



Here’s our town portal hub on Sorissi from Gyo Ophin Hub.


‘Ooh, a cave! Hmm I’d better avoid that hol-’




Statue body is all done! Wings… almost


Just been experimenting in my Dojo, and it turns out upside down wooden signs make for a nice little rug;


The entrance to sanctum is finished.
sanctum in ‘sunken city of love’ made by @cornigeria