Post Your Screenshots!


as for me im using a lot of programs like Blender, Magicavoxel, Autocad, photoshop and tons more. First step is to make 3d model of the build i want to build ingame, but before i start im looking on the net for some inspiration and images, when i have a ready idea in my mind i start doing 3d model, then i am making voxelized version choosing colors and then fixing some details :wink: thats a rough check list for me :slight_smile:


Just speechless. Malurialakrib is sooo beautiful. Ugh. <3

This is legitimately the best view I’ve found in Boundless. I kind of wish there was a way to lower atmospheric fog for better screenshots.


I’m also liking this planet.
Like a vacation for the eyes after popping through rest of the pink/red hued, high tier, worlds


Without the fog I think this scene would look broken


Don’t crush my dreams. :’(


Yes i like traveller s perch too


Chateau Excelsior a progress shot from across the river.



What planet is that?


Hi , it’s Maryx.


A shot of the pool/pond but from underneath where construction on the Chateau continues .


@Jiivita my ant is finish :wink: !!!


Awsome ant!!!


Nice! :hearts:


That’s genius! A brilliant find :smiley: steals for own projects


Very cool will it be a series of insects or just the ant


omg while I love it massively it chills me to the bone…brrrr that looks scary…




Hello, here is some of weekly adventures :baby:


I love the fish restaurant on Cardass!!