Post Your Screenshots!


just the ant, this is the entrance to my house under the sanctum.



If your on Maryx come visit Chateau Excelsior’s Olympic Ice Slide .


Very nice have you thought about making a obstacle type course for the way down like dodge the blocks


Looks like Xa Frant


Wait you did a remake of the sanctum that’s very cool
Exact copie or your own twist


exact copy, while correcting some symmetry errors existing in the real sanctum. and without water blocks.


Small church created) What u think for it guys ?


Looks great, @Menestys! Very well chiselled from the looks of it too.

I’ve been working on my Dojo in Little Japan. Still have to finish lighting the interior, and have a bamboo forest to create around it, but it’s looking homely!



Careful, with bamboo like that you’ll end up with unwanted pandas!
@AmandaPan :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@AmandaPan is a wanted panda. Not unwanted.


rly nice .


Thanks @Buugi.

Bonus screenshot of me preparing for supper;


You guys make beautiful builds. Good find on the bamboo :slight_smile:


Out of all the huge projects I’ve undertaken, creating these bamboo trees is the most soul destroying. I’m doing 20 a day in order to maintain my sanity.


I started a massive underlit floor so I could have a room without active lighting and i regretted it after the first 10k or so chisel clicks. WHY why whywhywhy WHY do I have to finish it? ~sob~ :slight_smile:


For the curious, find the ants in sunken city of love on sochaltin planet, and have fun.


Placeable Exchange Box


Would make a great chest!


My first 3hours off trying to use magicvoxel
cant wait to use it ingame to make builds even better