Post Your Screenshots!


thank you :blush:


Probably not. But if made with certain mats it was at some point. It’s certainly not my build. I just saw the thing.

@lucadeltodecso I wonder if that’s what the builder is going for. :thinking:


I’ve joined my first Guild and am building a pyramid to commemorate the event . Guess which one lol.



So the holiday season has passed and so it was time to tear the snow person down and put the decorations away.

Now that he is gone trying to figure out what to build in its place.


Build a heart person - The Heartman.
Valentines approaching.


Hmmm … that might be doable.


Did a bit of random exploring on my home planet and G.A.T.E. Empire are making some interesting builds on Soch I, including this building…

and inside…


Wow!.I’m a pyramid fan and this is stunning!


Had a bit of time at home, today, so I decided to spruce up my workshop. It’s not incredibly sophisticated, but it’s much more fun and colorful than it used to be. :slight_smile:



Really enjoying trying things out with the new blocks


Remember to visit Chateau Excelsior and check out the new pyramid


Portal Seekers and P.U.R.E. hunt 1/18/19


A few more pics from the PS + P.U.R.E. hunt:
@semtex @Simoyd


It took 2 days to craft enough Super Enriched Bonding Agent but the new floor is finally down. All 884 blocks of it. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. :slight_smile:


Making pew pew pew noises as I view these… Looked fun!


New addition to the tower of power.




A bit better pic.


I really love the colors and how the sun light shines through the trees on Boori. It’s a beautiful world.

EDIT: I just stumbled across this amazing Treehouse build by ‘Aqu’.