Post Your Screenshots!


The portal has been introducing some new flora and fauna :wink: it even seeped into the trees!

An idea for a player portal hub, still thinking on it :o


hey, Besevrona)


@Kirinvar i found a spot . : P


a bit like this :blush:


The lamella are g l o w i n g!

The mushrooms were heavily inspired by the ones in Houchus I ^^


Holy moly this is beyond beautiful.

Love these kind of dark natural settings with glowy bits. So magical.
Impressed by the use if the gleam doors! Clever. :sunglasses:


A nice world from testserver.


Took this on Sorissi. It’s my new desktop wallpaper


I love the helix looks and animation. Even the slow (idle) one looks cool.


Nice “helix station” ^^


The tower of power is coming along nicely. Got portals to little japan, and a couple other locations in alder, a portal to reapers in gyosha and a portal to the legendville mall on tana 7. If you want a portal to my place there’s still more available or I can make you a custom one any size.


I made this fox recently in Gyosha Mall :smile: :fox_face::sunny:
He is located on top of the Mall, behind the large LED Gyosha Mall words.


Making History! Few guys and a book! can we do it (lol)


That door has TIGHT security! What’s in there!!?!?


You know… stuff :grin: .


It is gorgeous. Looking forward to see it grow!


Strangely I was just reading an article about the Great Coral Reef," the only living thing large enough to be seen from space." Thats a biiiiiiiig square…


Is it alive?


Aaaaaahhh!! It’s so cute I wanna squeeze it!


looks like a CPU …