Post Your Screenshots!


I love how the snow looks. Especially on Refgar. My only gripe with it though is that it’s hard sometimes to tell the difference between some surface resources such as mud and clay. If it had just a little more transparency it would be more or less perfect.


its like real snow - beautiful but a nuisance at times :grin:

real PvP - blinding sun and awkward snow; fight against elements or work with them :joy:


Don’t get me started with the blinding sun. It’s the only game I’ve played where I literally have to put my shades on so I can look at the screen without burning my pupils out. I’m not kidding. I really do end up putting my shades on! My girlfriend looks at me like I’m from another planet or something lol. :sunglasses:


I might have to keep an inside pair of sunglasses around now. Never thought of that but I have acted in a very vampire-ish way during certain light conditions. XD


Love the color scheme you have…very nice :smiley:


Couple random builds @ DBX.


Thanks. I’m working hard to try and make it something that people will want to visit, one day. :wink:




Added a couple more blocks to spiney pointy tower…


found this place today…some inspiring stuff going on.
Liszy’s siedlung and co’s place on Raxxa (via Moonies)

such a great workshop


Gradually building more houses and small shop stands :blush:


I got that one yesterday.


View from the harbor.

And once again Nyuudles, looking so good!


The stunning landscape of Malurialakrib. Spent a lot of time here today. Epic landscape. And I do like green.

Villamarrs in progress

Finally, the machines back room - we need more animations - they do them so well :slight_smile:


I love your colors, if you have extra pm me and I’ll buy them. Looks frieking great


They come from Kol Huroo if you wanna get these colors. The gleam comes from Kada 1. :wink:
I’m using everything I have, and I’ll need to go farm for more, so I can’t really sell any of my stock.



Why houches is my favorite planet😁
The first reminds me of the hog warts sorting hat and would be an epic place to build a magic themed city underneath.


Rly like you kept trees and stuff around it :slight_smile: .