Post Your Screenshots!


Which planet is that ???


Just a little spot hidden away in the depths of my build. It’s at altitude 11 I believe. About the lowest point so far. Still a lot of work ahead since I will be changing the cave walls to stale cerulean sedimentary brick(the rock is stale cerulean already) I will also be chiseling the brick to the same shap as the rock I remove. So long process.


what are these wild giant sunflowers ??


sunflowers that are giant and grow in the wild.


First time I found one I immediately grappled up into one and just hid there, surveying the land and giggling like a fool.


Here’s Our build! You can see it at The Golden Fist (shop) in Grodivas Te PS hub north side and Ultima Hub



Got on here looking for screenshots to paint, and this video really made my day.
I heard “Bacon man… is baking bread”… AND I WAS ONLY ONE WORD OFF! :bacon::man::croissant::+1: lol. Gotta love the 80s, man. Thanks for the laugh. :joy:


Was here the other day. Pretty cool place.


Winter still on…


Great views from the new weekend retreat on Bitula




After being pushed away from Arie by some toxic players who were trying to absorb the builds me and my friends were doing, I dismantled my best build (you can find the pictures somewhere above) and started to do another one elsewhere. Pretty much the same patterns, but different layout. For now, I’m really enjoying the building process. :smiley:


what worrld?


Dystopian brutalistic


expanding my new little settlement - it’s been a refreshing thing to leave my main huge project for a few sessions and explore other ideas just for pleasure of shaping some of my many builder’s dreams

and views around from different rooms inside buildings and caves that make the settlement so special to me (Circarpous is really beautiful, it grew on me with time as I explored, even though my first impression of it was average at best):


Went round the Gyonsha mall for the first time today…very impressed with the whole organisation (though did get a little lost but I’m old and confused…).
Some really great shop layouts but this one stood out the most. Worth a visit in person.


IIRC from a reply elsewhere, the snow weather system addition will be permanent now.


that’s so cool - I hoped for that to happen (less frequent but in place for full weather experience):sunglasses: