Post Your Screenshots!


Messing with some gleam tonight


What floor looks best?


Top, or second from bottom.


Wait … how can you turn the direction regular timber is facing?
(Ha! It’s a different corner - The bricks look slightly different. :see_no_evil:)

And 3rd from top.


hehe yea its not the same place


3rd top. 10char input yes


My build coming together.


Sanctum fun


This is what the sanctum should be!


I prefer the 3rd from the top !
I’m not too fond of the floors with the tree ring pattern in this context, I like the planks better. And although I usually really like dark planks I think the lighter ones fit better with the walls. :wink:


testing worlds are tasty - but I shall actually test new features instead of wandering around :blush:

and one more:


My other bridges have “Arch Envy”


Not sure where it’s going or if I’m even happy with it lol.


Ygh i always almost puke when someone builds with dark glass :D.


Nice! Whats that body paint you using. Looks suberb with the color combo



Thats fire paint in one of the fuchsia shades (warm fuchsia I think).

I must say the flames look better on slimmer body.


Preparing for Hunt!
this was my 2nd hunt and ive been playing this game like 2 years now!
Thanks for everyone who participated! was a blast!


Stair base layout.


A nice new Aqua-style driveway to my workshop and storage :grinning:

And add some lighting to the scene :bulb: