Post Your Screenshots!



Check out Bastion for great views with easy access to the top


For the new players;
this weekend there is some free magenta gleam to be found on Alder.
Look out for the Sunflowers :grinning::+1::+1:


six now :slight_smile:


DarthPain considers the future of the Empire


Couple of shots of the new EU worlds…


New player get me start to fix up my landing spot.



was making my new house today and it would fit perfect here i love it great work


if people wanna visit look for burningman portal at the embassy hub beckon the skyview off the city is also worth having a look at plus we did 4 man races today on dunedragons human pinball machine
that portal drops ya right into the thing thats next to the lounge on the embassyhub plaza


The screenshot doesn’t do the build justice in my book but this is one of my latest ones


Little Hub.


Nice looks like a crypt :stuck_out_tongue:
. Ps. Not yours salvatory haha


Got this selfie in the UltaMech I just completed on the new planet Trung.
Get there through the Ultima hub


More from Bastion


Love your build, Jiivita’s video really showed a lot of it off :grin:


floating plants after world regen xD lovely hehe


Boss plant


Better when you can get a field of them… then just tap one with a totem…

… and they all fall down!


Cold berry gleam farm. Portals from the dz shim farm and dzassak Ultima hub. Probably connect it to meteor meet tonight.