Post Your Screenshots!


Reminds me of the men in black marble scene lol





You are a very bright character design lol


double trouble?!




Hi all, Bastion’s Quadtower needed a roof so why not a pyramid built on the diagonal like the towers


Nice build :+1:


Here is the inside with the walls done from 2 angles


Yesterday i started doing something else than just hunting gleambows.
My new base ive been building in Ancient Gate located in Biitula!
you should check it out. some amazing builds there!


Looks great! I like the roof especially, I find rooves the hardest part of a build, but you’ve nailed it here :fist:


Still wip but thx!


I’ve rebuild my Port from Chisel Town (Beta Universe) in Ancient Gate (Biitula).
Who members? :astonished:

Special Thanks to @Xaldafax for providing the location.


Sometimes it’s nice to see some nice words written down.


I’m re-chiseling the base to be more in-line with the top, I’m still messing with the design


New portal at Reapers from alder. I call it the anomaly. Still adding floating crystals.


I am a big fan of your work!


Thank you. :grin:
Feel free to check out more of my work here.


Come have a look , visit Bastion/Chateau Excelsior on Maryx