Post Your Screenshots!


Looks great! One of my favorite builds currently in the game.


How much is a custom art work? Love your style of art and want a tattoo of your work if ok with that.



Current status of Ancient Gate!


Yeah I’ve done a bunch of tattoos designs. Pricing depends on what you want and how long it takes.




A work in progress… :slight_smile:


D’oh! I can see the inside of my inn because I didn’t put the roof on yet. Haha


I had the song stuck in my head from playing Fallout 76 when I did this… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


… And, one Spitter for sale! These will go quickly! :wink:


Is it tamed and housebroken yet?


Why are you going out shopping for creatures when you can get them delivered?


…Does that qualify as hate mail, I wonder? :rofl:


I think that’s only if it’s a spitter

I had to send it back anyway… I ordered a blue one :laughing:


I wonder where this village is and who might live there.
It’s gorgeous.


Heard there lives bunch of lovely hobos.


Ultima is a good spot to people watch of course (or Oortian watch, I guess). But a particularly nice spot to sit your character down and chill and take in the view are the hands of the big statue…


New PS hub I’ve made for Serpinserendi, as well as the original model I designed to help me build it.



Nice, and love the serpent! :slight_smile:


Wow you built that already??