Post Your Screenshots!


Looks awesome! I’m looking forward to checking it out when I get in game later. Looks amazing from the pic anyway. Well done!


Thank you guys! Just a reminder that in the comming days I plan to add roads next to it and offer plots to anyone who asks, if anyone wishes to build next to it.

Had to tear the orinigal one down because it was too small, but once i got the model made (which was really just an upscaled version of the orinigal), it only took a few hours to copy it.


Think I said it before but I’ll say it again. The new looks on the improved hubs and network are awesome!




The outside is virtually done and I agree the new hubs look great and are well laid out , forgive my poor tools , I’m putting a son through Centraforge College


The pyramid from the top down


Have been very much enjoying the gleambow event, if for no other reason than getting to explore Circarpous I (such a great planet…) and also coming across amazing builds such as this…just my cup of tea!


I am guilty of this…


I tip my hat (imaginary hat…don’t actually own one) to you.
Are you continuing building there? Would love to see how this evolves further.


Its a long time project, testing out things and get new ideas all the time…



Come check it out if you dare!


Your second shot scared me bc at a glance i saw teeth and two red eyes in the dark. Scary!! :scream:


I can say I really dig the eerie style. Stay with the darkness, friend. Castle Grimm — love it.:skull::coffin:


Thank you sir. Even if you don’t want to join the guild. I need some people to test it. Lol.


Lol. It’s not that scary. Mwahahaha. Sorry I didn’t mean to laugh like that.


When I read that sign in the pic immediately a line from a pokemon song came to mind…

“So YOU want to be a pokemon master?”

Song: 2.B.A Master


Lol. I’m not a Pokémon guy but that’s funny…
so… do YOU? Wanna Pokémon master. I mean Reaper. Reaper.


The real gleambow race


Progress on my soon-to-be market