Post Your Screenshots!


Lol may i steal that 2nd one to my desktop image looks hella cool!

I always love those times when sun goes down and you are at the right plaxe while you are exploring.


Hello workshop and storage upgrade.


The way you built your machines with power coils around it is impressive.
I’m broken between “I should do something like this to make repairs easier” and “I don’t want something like that” because I just like to have my little workshop that looks like what it is.

I’m so unhappy with the idea that the way you placed your machines and power coils around them is the optimized way to do it, and so, almost everybody does it that way (or something very similar)…

I like having my power coils hidden underground :

The main problem is that it’s getting harder and harder to fit more power coils, and it’s a pain to repair them quickly.

I hope the devs will work on my Tesla Coil suggestion, one day. It would help SO MUCH.


I like that workshop! Just like oldtimes


@Liveey - Thanks, that is awesome!! :slight_smile: Yep, it looks just like the pirate ship in the stadium of a team I’m a fan of. But even if it didn’t, I just love the general theme too, that is just incredible work there. :sunglasses:

@georgegroeg - Wow, nice!! :smiley: Now that’s a storage chamber! Love the tree and skull.

@Creegle - Love the lighthouse!


What world is the first screenshot


That is actually called “world 1” literally


Thanks. I don’t mind the power coils. I have access behind to repair. And I like seeing the electric spark though the glass. I have my spark generators hidden at the end of the first level of machines and they give spark to all 24 machines something I wasn’t sure if it would reach. I thought about changing the mats out to something more prestigious but didn’t want to completely rebuild my workshop. Plus I think with the SERP rock(which I have a ton of) and the stale cerulean gleam it has an ancient technology feel. A guild mate actually used my design with wood and foliage and grass on the ground and it looks really cool too.


Been working on this for the last 10 days or so - new PS hub for Flan with platforms hanging from floating islands (also offering nearby plots if anyone wants to build nearby!)


Couple from the other day


This confused me so badly when I went to my normal Flan hub lol.


need larger platforms me thinks :joy:


Wow!! :smiley: Nice ones!!


It’s been a while since ole Creegle’s Creole Grille, so it is my honor to introduce. . . The Undergrowth Pub, now under construction. Here is a peek at the spirits menu.


The Maryxist and Respect Your Alder must be my favorite. :sunglasses::rofl:


Ye i mean there is that actor… Bruce Gellis :roll_eyes: heh few good ones there


Nice, the Oortiverse can use more pubs! :sunglasses: If I can think of any clever planet drink names I’ll shoot em your way.


I still need to pay you a visit!

Oh and could I suggest a Bloody Arie? Depends how you pronounce it I guess but I always say it like it rhymes with Mary :rofl:


LAVA! LAVA! LAVA! I love getting together with some friends and enjoying a show.


Here is an update on my castle :slight_smile: