Post Your Screenshots!


I bought my snacks there! Glorious


That is made by @Liveey it was located in EA planet called Vulpto.
Not in the game anymore obviously.

He had a shop there selling food and brews if i remember right

just adding screenshot below… doesnt relate anyways to that boat.


Thanks for the info!! Ah, a shame I missed that. If that user ever comes back, definitely someone I’d love to talk to!

And nice screenshot!! :slight_smile:


Vivid lime bricks and vivid moss gleam show up quite nicely on a dark night :slight_smile:


This has given me an idea, thank you for the inspiration :grin:

Also that looks really cool!



In some pictures, the land looks as if it’s a land dragon/salamander that blends with the planet. (2nd and 5th)


Gellis Prime! Located next to Ultima Gellis Gate.
made this in 30mins. had some weary teal trunks on storage with no use… also added new exo foliage. looks nice. This is going to be a thing for me. I drop plot to some town. Make a tree and thats there. Whos next?! We shall see. i will not be adding anymore screenshots from these trees. if you find one in your town you are free to post it here.


Finally got around to building a proper workshop. Roof is still missing but I kinda like the cave-vibes.


my machine-hall underground is missing roof even though I started it last October :rofl::open_mouth:
also like the natural cave-like vibe, although I do plan doing something about it: thinking more and more about leaving it at least half natural (only raising the ceiling of hanging rock, digging up into the ground above so it’s maybe more lurking in shadows)
so, maybe you’ll leave it like that as well?



Woah I’m remembered! :0

I’ll keep that in mind!! I was getting upset that my designs were too big to be honest I haven’t been able to make anything due to this. I lost all 2k of my plots so I was getting a bit sad! Haha XD I’ll definitely make this again :slight_smile:

PS: it was the salty cuttle and I was a high rank food seller I loved the food when it came out so that’s all I did! The gemporium was my competition for food! I loved Sly a lot! Miss him :slight_smile:


We’ll see :smiley: Took me months to get this project going, maybe it will take months to finish it… :slight_smile:


Let me know what you need. Even plots. Many people would love to see you build this again!!


Nice to meet you - taking it you’re a pretty big Bucs fan too, to have built that? :smiley: That is really incredible, my compliments!! Can’t wait to see you make it again, you’ll have me hanging around quite a bit when it’s done, haha!

Edit: Oh, any resources you need for this, let me know, if I’ve got 'em they’re yours, would be happy to contribute somehow!


Decided to fly on over to Marcornus earlier and got an awesome welcome upon arrival. 3 Internet cookies to whomever built this sign!

And this planet’s cave system was absolutely awesome! And quite trippy at times lol.

This next pic looks like it could be the cover of the next big synth band’s new album! lol…


sometime it’s the good old starting worlds that is enough to create that bit of magic


You only need lost guy with a totem from that pic


Cleaning up some space and I found my lighthouse I meant to post months ago.

Then I found this, which was the last picture I took in EA, which is kinda fitting.

And finally, this one is pretty old. I came home to my starter-home some time ago and @james was ransacking the place. Seriously though, these devs are the coolest.


That lighthouse is awesome.


@bucfanpaka @Creegle

For sure! I believe it will take roughly 550 plots, I believe I made the Salty Cuttle around the time I first hit level 50 in beta.

I made it with really cheap materials on vulpto, but we will see when I find a nice spot to build!

Also I made it because I really like pirate ships! I am happy though it reminds you of something you enjoy Buc! :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to keep the design still original, however the colors might change depending on the planet I am in :slight_smile:

I am still a moderator in discord for the official boundless server, I just don’t particularly speak much! Please give me a PM if you ever wanna talk! Or @ me on the forums! I do keep a semi eye on here to see how everyone is doing :slight_smile: I miss the community quite often although my time being able to be online is limited :frowning:

Thanks everyone <3 I’ll be sure to tell you two when I begin to build so you can keep an eye out for it! :smiley: