Post Your Screenshots!


Marcornus Gleam Caves!


I’m still waiting to see a sarlacc pit in game. More so now with the “speed hunting” platforms. Would be a perfect place for one


This is where R3DF1RE gets it’s name from. Just look at that beautiful Fiery Sky! As seen from the top of one of the towers. :slight_smile:


I thought R3DF1RE referenced the 100 tv show :grin: Red Sun Rising


Too bad my guild is dead … I have to move my 50x60 plots WIP base to somewhere else …


It looks like an interesting build. Why would you move. Make a deal with another guild but keep building your place. I am sure some will welcome you with open arms without any conditions on moving in their main aerea.


Its my own decision to move to somewhere else, I dont want the build to be located in the middle of a desolate land. (I also have a single troll plot nearby, which may ruin my themed build)


I think I stopped watching The 100 around the middle of season 2. My subscription to whatever service I was signed up to at the time expired and I couldn’t be bothered renewing. It was a good show and I’ll be catching up on it someday. :slight_smile:


new exo is awesome


this is one creepy smile (if it is a smile) :joy:


You can decide that haha


Absolut! I love the Blue Stones and the Gleam! :slight_smile:


Marcornus…great gleam location…sheets of it :star_struck: Come on y’all…get you some!



Long live @Liveey. Please build it again one day. I’ll fund the whole thing.


I’m still playing with the design of the head and tail but I’m pretty happy with how this is coming along.


AAHHHHHH!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

WHERE IS THIS??!!! Or, from the sounds of it unfortunately, was it? I think I would pay real money to have this built in my settlement, no joke. Edit: I’ve got to share this, hope nobody minds but I’ll take it down if anyone wants!


I had just come in here to post the below - wanted to give major props to whoever did this on Cephonex Merika, this is just cool. :sunglasses: But now I’ll know no peace until that Bucs ship is sitting in my lawn, haha.

Also, @Meadow - love that shot! - and @Lychaon - simply incredible, awesome work!! :sunglasses:


Wow! That is amazing!!


Oooooohhh it’s finished!!! Going for a perve right this minute!


That’s where your bonding agent went. Still a while off being completely finished but the bulk of it is there now.