Post Your Screenshots!


Wish i would have as much patience as you guys do ^^


Honestly, if I was alone, I would’ve stopped playing months ago, in February, even though it was my project.
But knowing that my friend wants to keep building makes me wanna keep going and improving.


I will be checking that place out. And that portal is right next to mine. So easy to find. Lol.


You’d be quite welcome.

Be aware, however, that there are quite a few hidden passages, as I’ve showed @Buugi.
And it goes deeper than you’d think by just checking the places where the sun shine.
Our plan is to turn the whole island in all its verticality into Swiss cheese, and to make sure that most places are properly inter-connected.


But is there an official goblin cave yet… with maybe a ring to rule all others…


Wouldn’t a goblin take offence at being called a halfling, however? :thinking:


Yeah… it wasn’t the best reference… but they were after it too technically! so it could have easily been found by them technically and then put in a goblin cave somewhere!


Just a few Ultima shots when wandering earlier… :slight_smile:


Pretty amazing place you got there. I’m sure I didn’t see it all. Great job.




My portal is just across from your Goblin, though you can see our area from your balcony lol


That is a fantastic build!
Did have a little trouble finding it (found portal from the Raxxa PS hub) but well worth a look around…look forward to coming back now and again to see how it progresses.


Thanks for the visits, guys! Makes it worthwhile.
As soon as the farming update hits, we’ll go get tons of water to fill the canals. It’ll make things way cooler. :wink:



glad to see you back. dunno where you ever gone :smiley:


i plotted some land. loved the scenery here in Nia Zed Ka and this was on my path so… why not?


Mood, university, inspiration. Thank you for not forgetting :slight_smile:


I could be, yes. I had heard so from my group in game. They were discussing using water in builds and I THOUGHT I understood them to say it’s being discussed on discord. Pardon my ignorance and thank you as well for filling me in on the true info! :ok_hand:


New area is coming along.


Some new forms of plant life are growing at the ruins of Borrimarrah