Post Your Screenshots!


Well clearly if we ever have zombie hordes attacking us in Boundless we know who to blame – #blamejeff

I definitely need to find your build… directions?


There is a city portal at the portal seekers Boori station. It is highly unfinished. Most of the work has been done underground so far :smiley_cat:


The change to the water is really nice. You get a great reflection


Gorgeous! :slight_smile: I have been thinking that the new water + gleam is going to = eye candy. :heart_eyes: This is going to be a ton of fun to play with.


Ye ole’ dumperino.


Lol is that steampunkcity.


YES :hugs: Jiviita has video review :slight_smile:



Where is this?


It was built in early access.


Oh, do you have a link to the video, sorry

Who built it?


I don’t have a link but I think it was cookviper with the help of others … if you search steampunk city on here it should be pretty easy to find … sorry I can’t be of anymore help but I’ve just started work.


@MrNiX here you go :blush:



That @Cookviper s “treasure hunt” was blast.


just found awesome location from Circa!
Lol didnt noticed than just now how dark it is haha. I edit this with daylight image :smiley:


Thanks guys! Cant wait for lunch to watch that. There really have been some great builds in game. …Also yeah, circ is my favorite :wink:


Finished a bridge at the Museum today


Love the lanterns :slight_smile:


I finished a bridge as well :slight_smile: