Post Your Screenshots!


That looks bizar and also very cool! Good to see so many beautiful and unique things being created :slight_smile:


Yours looks way more sinister. Not that it is a bad thing.



Just playing a little Tic Tac Toe with Bomb and Sling Augments :sunglasses:


That is awesome, thinking of stealing your idea to make a few chess tables with a pair of shop stands with an item to move between them as a turn counter.


To expand on this…
could use various different blocks as pieces and create a bigger then life sized Chess field…


Not sure if you guys know but I believe @Creegle made a chess board was/is pretty epic.
Have no clue if it’s still there or not but it is on beckon if it is


Hey I appreciate the shout-out @blinvir :blush:.

Yes I made a functional chess board a while ago.

You like meta? Let's play CHESS!

Unfortunately it got exactly zero traction because mostly people just build or hunt or mine and the community wasn’t ready for roleplaying or meta. Thusly, I tore it down. Maybe there would be a better response now that folks are “bored” (no pun intended) … I don’t know. I hope whoever builds one will have better results.


Made a few more portals at the Tower of Power on Alder.

if anyone’s interested in having one let me know.

Further more. The Georgio Juniper Connection broke the 6.5 million prestige mark yesterday and are officially a City. Woot woot.




Congrats from me too!! I’m a big fan of your stuff, keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


Thanks. Btw. I keep buying all your gems, fossils and reactive lamella. And a few other things you put on your shop stands. :+1: glad you made that portal to me. :grin:


Thanks, appreciate your business! :slight_smile: I’ve been selling spicy beans and the lamella to your baskets as well, if you’ve noticed me running in and out!


Perfect. I need that stuff for my forging. Thank you thank you!!! I try and always keep money in those baskets. If they are empty I have more in my Reapers store as well.




Y’all playing with my heart everytime I see an update in this thread I think ooh new screenshot, let me see


That meteor came outta nowhere! For some strange reason I can’t screenshot like normal…

Edited for this beautiful sight!


Just another random hole in the ground shop popping up.


Nice, I love themed shops. Guessing you took both pills.


For love of god dont put signs that way. Breaks my neck always i have tp squeeze it sideways


@Buugi Sorry there’s no love for god happening over here. Hahaha. And there’s sideways signs. So I don’t think this is your kinda place. Plus all that hideous marble. Lol. If you ever want a portal I’ll custom build you one in a more natural setting.