Post Your Screenshots!


The exit to this tunnel was very boring so I chipped away some stone ,

What do you think …to much?. lol


Love it… your stuff is always amazing Bones, never fails to impress me! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words and if I may add I dropped from fifth to sixth place on Maryx so Grats !! to the new #5 , someday the only free space on Maryx will be “Parks”(my farm is under the tunnel :slight_smile:


this is what its all about.
Group of aquatopians on the roll!


The building gears are spinning.



Nice shot. Was a pretty fun hunt. Started slow but got going


Onwards and upwards!


town sleeps and meadow doing allnighter again


would be much better if the dev’s created some minigame tools
then i would finally get the arte intera minigametown some interest
atm cant even afford the portal but people can still visit all current minigames by walking outside the guildsanctum
ps a little bird saw andy rebuilding the ice ring
i hope the dev’s dont nerf slides again :joy:


@Dunedragon - Perfect capture, nailed that one! :sunglasses: Wow!

@Stretchious - Awesome work, and beautiful shot! :slight_smile:


Started building the outer wall of the core of the city. Will still expand beyond this wall, but I think It will look really nice this this main “island” is filled with buildings!


I had a comment on one of my videos complaining about the draw distance which got me wondering…

max level of detail…

max level of detail… x12

though i did get as low as 15fps is some towns ><

you can find the “gameoptions.json” in the “userdata” folder for steam along with the chunkcache if you want to play around with the “lodSettingsIndex” value… normal max is 4… the pic above is 48. I didn’t notice much of an increase going from 24 up to 48, so it’s probably a bit overkill.


Thank you Sir! Excellent tip (as always).


You guessed correctly. Lol.


Please make a guide xD <3


Out of curiosity what is the best method or tool you’ve used to take nice screenshot?


is where my file is, Maybe yours aswell :slight_smile:




The only ‘gameoptions.json’ file I can find relating to Boundless is in ‘steamapps/common/Boundless/assets/archetypes’. Is this the correct file in my case?

There are two other files of the same name in other folders but, at a glance, they don’t seem to be related to Boundless. I’m a total noob at this file manipulation thing. If it were old school html I might have a clue but, nope. lol.