Post Your Screenshots!


Love the snowman with the spooky lantern for a scarecrow


Goto boundless in your steam launcher.
Right click > Properities > Local Files > Browse Local files

Search “gameoptions.json” and there should only be one result. From there simply edit the “lodSettingsIndex” value (after opening with notepad or something)


Just did that and got the same file I found above. So, that confirms it.

Thanks, Vansten!

And thanks to, @Jiivita of course for the initial info. :slight_smile:


Not for me.
is where the one is my game uses.
I tested it with
which does nothing ingame.


I’m pretty sure the game uses both files.

Unless im mistaken the one under user_settings has no “lodSettingsIndex” value to edit.


Beautiful, and love the little waterfall on the side! :slight_smile:

@QuimbyBoundless - Stunning, can’t wait to see more! :smiley:


You know i :heart_eyes: what you do, normaly :slight_smile: but this time, at least in my case youare wrong.
Is in the file Name i posted and it Looks absolutly amazing :slight_smile:

thank you for the heads up Jivita


Ahh, welp glad its working for ya anyway ahah


This worked for me too. Like yourself, I tried with the one under Boundless\assets\archetypes and there was no effect. But this other one works. Happy days!

I turned it up to 12 (from default 4) and it looked great but my framerate dropped to around 20-25fps where I’d normally get 60fps. So, I’ve turned it down a bit to 8. I’ll give it a chance and see how it goes but it looks so much better! :slight_smile:


No we only have to wait for the new light effects to hit and we will be :joy_cat:


This post seems to have gone off track a little :thinking:


Here, I’ll get us back on track with a few shots of morning wanderings. :stuck_out_tongue: It has kind of become a routine for me now on weekend mornings to take little wanders around, both to old favorites and to explore and find new ones. I love seeing what everyone is doing and just generally snooping around. :wink:


I hope that in the “Farming” update that the “TOPS” of removed trees disappear ,I’m turning my tunnel embellishment in to a possible hanging garden :slight_smile:

I also wish that my sales plinths could give guild members a discount of my choice,


You have to plot and remove the tree tops. There is no natural disappearance.


Boo Humbug




My Build on Lamblis :blush:


< Gob then goes back to grumble in the deepest tunnels of his sanctuary >


Made the pond more…pondy!