Post Your Screenshots!


:joy::see_no_evil: I’ll take that as a complement


Very nice pond…Gonna have to pop by tomorrow to have a closer look


Portal access through the pond to regen and I have a play portal area under there now too.


@georgegroeg I was running around here and saw the pond. It made me stop and really take a look at it. I was very impressed…I was waiting for a frog to jump out or see a koi fish swimming. Very nice.


That’d be great if I could put fish in there. :grin:


dunno is this any good, but i tried forging again. learning something everyday


Absolutely love! :heart_eyes: Great colors, so beautiful!

@georgegroeg - So lovely, great work as always!! Though… you DID fish those bodies out, right? :wink:


Umm. I don’t know what you’re talking about. :flushed: perhaps you’ve mistaken bodies for pond rocks.


THAT is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I definitely need to swing by! That actually looks so good, so clever using stuff underwater and on top of it! I am legit speechless! Will definitely come steal ideas! Can you give me exact location?


I’m not on so I don’t have the exact coordinates.
But you can get there through.
DSK galaxy alder.
Regen consortium- best entrance ever
Hubbit alder. Reapers tower of power
PS Gyosha Ophin north cross then go right up the path. And others


From Wynthel:

Enjoyed the colours and formations on this world quite a lot. Would have made a nice permanent world, especially for the sunlight.


Creegle TY


Really cool reflective view while enjoying a swim and approaching Infinity City…


Was wanting to post the photos I took of a castle I saw and couldn’t remember where the tread was.

Found it after I had started the topic. But, was wondering, could we start a new Post Your Screenshots! This one is so long that someone who hasn’t seen it, or been a while will look at the number of photos/images and not bother.

It is just too long.


This is really cool
All the colors go well together too :grin:

(Mind if I borrow some inspiration for if I ever decide to build a pond? lol)


once again, good work there, @georgegroeg (and cool entrance indeed)

think I’m with you…feel a strong urge to build one myself :slight_smile:)


You might wanna check what @Mittekemuis have been building with other illuminoorti people.
They had this kind pond action like few months ago. Should be here at screenshots


Build whatever you like. I got the lily pad idea from someone else. I had been wanting to spruce up this pond for awhile. Finally plotted under the water there and did it. This was just a bit of a test run really for a future build once placable water comes.


:clap: outstanding


The Church of Mayo is complete.
Not a huge build. But i think it turned out alright.