Post Your Screenshots!


It’s nice to see small builds like this now and then. :slight_smile:

Really love the stained glass windows idea, too. Been wanting to use that type of door in walls for a similar effect lately… Only one problem, my current base has no walls! :frowning:


Yeah I really want this place to feel like a little town. I’ve made a few small cabins and now this church. Most likely will make a blacksmith and some more small houses around.


I think that the time has come for me to post some screenshots.
my current base and a floorplan of a new one


First Guardian of the Ultima Main Network done !


Omg, this may be the most beautiful thing in game. I need one :heart_eyes: amazing @georgegroeg


and some more screens of the Eresho Ultima Central Network :slight_smile:

Night version

More to come :slight_smile:


amazing :heart_eyes:


It’s about time mayonnaise had its own religion. Very cool, I have a roof design that would fit that perfectly if you want a bit more air at the top and more stained glass, Silver Cauldron in Keats on Lutrion, accessible from WakeNBake’s shop in DUB-T, Lutrion.


Big wows all around on the recent shots posted by everyone! :heart_eyes:


My guild mate has a character named Dirty Mayo. Lol.


Mah boy Finally got to posting some pictures!


Really nice. The only thing wrong is it being a Church of “MAYO”. I hate mayonnaise! Can it be changed to the Church of Mustard or Ketchup? :smirk:




Good times of not being able to see blocks due to the amount of people spamming those regen bombs. Little late on posting this one too :sweat_smile:



Nice touch with poles


Nixian Skyfarm @ New Nixia, Circarpous


Wow @uni3k that is amazing!


Thanks! Little bit excited for farming, so i built enough space for 10,000 crops :grin: