Post Your Screenshots!


That is unreal @uni3k :dizzy_face::dizzy_face: I’m gonna come take a look at that!

If I only had the plots available :sweat::grimacing:


Is out on the far north edge of the city


Ditto previous comments, that is amazing!! :smiley:


First forge over 300! ye achievement.

Lonely night at Beckon.


This is my Temple to a Bountiful Harvest ,built over my farm of course . It’s got a lot of work to go but I liked the screenshot lol


Ufo’s started to circle Oort Island in Sasquatchville

They’re taking my goat!!

the inside of their biggest spaceship


I don’t believe it till I see the aliens. It’s just a hoax until you see them!!! Lmao


Or it’s our ancient ancestors!!!


Haha, too cool! :smiley:

@georgegroeg’s pond is just too pretty and tempting, so I took a moonlight swim… of course, I made sure nobody was around first so that I didn’t end up another corpse at the bottom… :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if this has been done before, but I needed more light at this location, and as such I wanted to place some torches. Unfortunately torches can’t be attached to the ceiling and I thought this was an interesting solution to the problem.

Of course, I wish the gleam block I used had just been enough light. :stuck_out_tongue: Might replace it with gold or something else now.


I have used this kinda technique although i used furnacebases as “base” for torches. Pretty cool.
If you use stone ones you can decide the color too ^^


Lol. Hope it was refreshing. And that the pond didn’t smell of death. It does that sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


so about 2/3 of the 1st floor interior is done. painful, expensive and looks like a complete chaos from a distance, but it’s home


Devising plans to catch the little f***ers. Meep Meep


My daily beacon tour at the Embassy… apparrantly we have… Internet ? =D


Better get to farming that rice and gathering those beans. :joy:

Also to keep my post on-topic, here’s a screenshot with an Exo in view from my base; this was from a little while ago now. :slight_smile:


The lighting on the Testing Worlds is getting better by the day.
Especially after the last update tonight
Its gone look like a fairytale for me :grin:

Can’t wait for this to go live
Keep on tweaking it guys :+1: :+1:


Even the underwater look through glass is getting a major update :+1: :heart_eyes:


Oh wow! :heart_eyes: Thanks for sharing these, giving us PS4 players our fix! :wink: Beautiful!! Great job devs!


Good job, but we need more, you know
thank you for examples :heart: