Post Your Screenshots!


New connect 4 game in Sasquatchville! pic of the first official match!


No screenshots for 19 hours wow, in that case here is a selfie by my new bridge :slight_smile:


Snapped a few shots on one of the test servers while I was swimming around…


Little something I am working on

View from above…and far away


Eek, stunning… :heart_eyes: Love those islands so much!


Sometimes you have to down size.


I made a dirty alleyway complete with graffiti. We should be classy neighbours.


Since I currently can’t continue to expand my city with normal houses (due to not knowing how block colors and reflections of ice and other bother blocks will change) I decided to at least outline the the city and big projects. Here is the rough outlining of how the city cathedral will look like and how big it will be. Actually kinda surprised myself after I did the outlining over how big it actually was, but I think it will be great!

Also, the current look from the highest tower in my castle:


What planet is this is this around I wanna build there does it exist


This world doesn’t exist anymore


I actually ran into some problems with the cathedral space, so therefore I had to star building the city wall. So now I find myself building the entire thing, one segment at a time. You can see in the bottom right corner on how one segment looks like nearly finishes, just no roof as I haven’t decided which material to use tor the roofing. Gonna update this screenshot once in a while when it’s seen major updates :slight_smile:

Progress update 2:

Doing great, about halfways done! Already looking quite cool, even thought there are still lots of 1 wide gabs and no top floor and roof!

The only part missing from the wall is the roof. Still will have to build 3 gates, but those I will finish last!


Still a work in progress but wanted to share. Still need to touch up some things and work on the inside but the outside is almost done.

The Dirty Cubit Goo Maturation Center.


Ok, now that is a Bucket!! (actually it’s 900 buckets all at once lol)


A little igneous brick collage from my base… :slight_smile: Bricolage? :thinking:

Top left: Stark Orange
Top right: Hot Moss
Bottom left: Warm Cherry
Bottom right: Silk Cobalt


Beautiful images!I passed by yesterday and thought wow :heart::heart::heart::heart:


gotta love the name :sunglasses:



I love Cardass!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My shop is getting there :slight_smile:

Glass Panes

That looks awesome!