Post Your Screenshots!


So close so far. Been working on the top part of the wall and roof, it takes SO long cause I need to chisel so many pieces, then transform them from one block to another, just running back and forth. But it’s actually looking great! Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow, at least the roof on the wall. Then I need to finish the last Gates, which probably will take a bit longer to plan out.


Yeah!!! Exo’s FTW!


Ho"That’s a sexy view¨!


I got mine pretty low as well. It’s causes me to lag though when I go beyond the In game ultimate settings though.


was watchin youtube, found cuttletrunks friend. …oo…


Ohhh… its done now?

Now i need to take a look! Haha!


Only the little dome is done @strykey the big one is still under construction and is eating all my plots!!


Does that mean it’s plotted now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Another row :sweat_smile: may get another done tomorrow :crossed_fingers:





I saw your little signs :upside_down_face: I think I’ve added the plots you need! :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


A little sunday service with yours truely.

Don’t forget to donate 20% of your wealth.
Who knows what kind of tragedy could occur if you don’t!
The Darklord is always watching.


It is finally done. The city is now safe from angry level 2 spitters and one non English speaking French dude (It’s a joke)!
I’ve put far too many hours this weekend into gaming Boundless, but it’s all good.

Well, it’s almost done, still got some minor details to add here and there, but otherwise, it really is done! Used so many blocks for this, only to get like 10 or 15 prestige cause all the material I used is borderline worthless in prestige xD
Also need to figure out what to put in each end, maybe some towers or perhaps just a set of stairs to get to the different floors.


New store at the tower of power flea market area.
Jimmy Crate Corn!
He’s got the crates you need.


I should probably start looking up more often…sheesh! :rofl::joy:


Very cute! 10/10 :+1: love it


:slight_smile: thank you. I’ve been slowly making more of these in the city.


I wouldn’t worry about it… I think it looks amazing and cool that it has walkways inside. This looks great compared to so many builds where people force in prestige. Prestige is a system that should be completely separated from the core game and only used in some basic scoreboard listing or something… I’m glad to see some people building without prestige in mind.


Hmm, what does it mean? :thinking: