Post Your Screenshots!


I agree totally, I am not a big fan of Footfall mechanic anyway but this is not the time and place to discuss that!

But very glad you like it! I try my best and I can’t believe how far I’ve come with my city.


new extractor sittin’ pretty in its room <3


The guild helix building got a new addition today. Added a guild jet for activities. Or if there’s ever a mutiny and I need to get out of town quick.

And one screen shot of the city. It sure has grown.


Every now and then you come across something that truly makes you smile in this game!

I can’t wait to see how the snowglobe turns out when the snow is added!


your builds are AH-MAZZZING :slight_smile:


:slight_smile:hey. Thank you very much. :beers:


A little more progress

Stairs on the inside


Malurialakrib at night with Galan in the background.


The Seraph tree at sunrise :blue_heart:


This is the chandelier above the wood staircase


That’s a good use of poles and beams


Thanks. Yeah I thought it was…it came out nice. It is almost 7 plots tall so I used a lot of them, and gleam signs. Glad it done. :sweat:


Too soon maybe?


Haha. Good one!


You beat me to posting it lol :crazy_face:


lol, all this bomb talk on the forums is basically like free publicity to a salesman! With the sudden popularity of the “troll-spec” hunting build I see bomb sales potentially returning to what they were in the glory days of bomb mining!!


Tried luring him out with some pie…


I LOL’ed hard. :joy:


He is just mooning at you.


My base ends up riddled with the little buggers. I wish we could pen mobs!