Post Your Screenshots!


Just a big WOW on both those shots by @majorvex and that floor by @Apt! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Incredible stuff, everybody!


Fully planted , now to give it that lived in feel .


This is what i have been up to. It has been a good week


Look at my perdy view ^^ shame it disappeared when i placed an other block. :crazy_face:


Is your graphics card trolling you? That’s some low poly glitch craziness lol


I think its marshmellow meteor.


Mr combustion… i assume




You cant build small dude :rofl: Impressive start i like the pattern


Sanctum guy is haveing fun xD


meh small schmall :smile:


My indoor Farm


I was collecting local resources from Gyosha…


Beautiful! :slight_smile: Gyosha is one of my favorite planets to wander and resource collect from the surface on… tons of beans, not too much danger, can mostly handle the meteorites, and of course great colors (to me) and atmosphere.


I agree. Gyosha is full of resources. I should show you my portals to some good surface collecting areas. Also throw a combustion fragment in the atlas and have a look.


And I’m starting to slowly organize my storage. The rocks are gonna be a nightmare to sort lol


I spit out my drink when I saw the MRE sign! Love it!


Those exoworld pictures make me want Halloween XD

Also nice storage :smiley:


Gando…you will be missed!

House Entrance - Fable Mountain, Alder

Wobbie…my cooker/forger/weapon maker

Gando was excellent for emeralds


Love love love this!!!