Post Your Screenshots!


do not know why but the tower can it please go vertigo :+1:


Inherited a beautiful lakeside house on Refgar (first two pics) so spent a little time this evening taking a look around. I should have done so sooner, such a lovely world with some really incredible builds! :slight_smile:


another reason I love this game…a beautiful scene around every corner.



Houchus I has some fantastic rock formations and scenic views. The atmosphere certainly is a lot blue-er since the lighting update though! But it does add to the scenic feel. :slight_smile:


That is stunning! :heart_eyes: I need to take some time away from my high mountain destruction when I’m there sometime and really explore it, so lovely!!


Thank you! Yes, exo’s all gone so now we have time to explore! :grin:


I swear you will one day become the richest person in the game just because you are so friendly and everyone donates you cool builds… and I am all for that! :muscle:


Aww thanks!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve opened up and become like I am here because of the wonderful people who have been so friendly with me first! This is sort of like a family to me now here, and I want to help it thrive and nurture it. :slight_smile:

Yep, it struck me when I was wandering around earlier just how much I still haven’t seen… like there are planets I’ve barely touched!! Still, I look forward to more exos upcoming, I’ll keep wandering with an eye up to the sky, ready to take off again, haha… :wink:


finaly finished my base :rofl:


It’s not the size that matters… :sweat_smile:


I bet it’s a tip of an iceberg…


yeah well. original looks a bit better but still unfinished aswell


Dude, you totally stole my thoughts.


Great minds think alike


Beautiful colors :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


I decided to change the border around the pyramid and just kept on going (totally unplanned), I think I’ve made 4 trips to Xa Frant Builders Merchants for more bricks lol

,shout out to those guys for a great selection .




satan could do better


Don’t be jelly


Rebuilt the thrown.