Post Your Screenshots!


I wish I had somthing to show but, most of the time im like this


I feel your pain, for real like


I see you found my world road :smiley:


That is so cool!! :smiley: I had never seen it before! My new house isn’t too far off it, and I think that might become my little vacation home, so at some point maybe I’ll walk the whole thing. :slight_smile: Great work!


Some pictures of my new builds :palm_tree::ocean::sun_with_face::sunglasses:


I first looked that it was little japan (rip) @Brea whwere you at :confused: .


Great work @passeva , love your fountain! :slight_smile:

@Buugi - That was my first thought too! It is incredibly nice, was really cool coming up on it at night like that, really struck me, compliments to the creator on that!


thank you so much @bucfanpaka


Everything down here was planted no later then last Sunday , so I’m guessing this farm is a “Hobby” not an actual financially

positive resource , factoring in time spent I’m at present looking at this as a lot of fun but a financial disaster Lol .I "scaled the operation to take into account the 10% return which is an actual “daily” of less then 2%


It’s an “Oxide Violet” night on Maryx , looking up in the “Sanctum” , I see a lot of construction on Maryx… :slight_smile:


That’s beautiful! :open_mouth:


Love the reflections


Have you ever had one of those days where your between lava and a wet place !


Yep, very comfy there! I think I’ll just take this over… :stuck_out_tongue: (Might as well give you a reason to kill me, haha…)




Still probably safer there than in his “(un)holy place”

I felt judged and found wanting the moment I entered! haha


Hmm, I can think of some funny videos to maybe do in there, like a mock wedding… :joy: Get a crowd of witnesses, have him officiate while trying to talk both parties out of it, one finally runs off… good promotion for the next Lovestruck event. :rofl:


Even better idea for increased :joy::joy:'s, have the bride run off with him!


Bwahahaha yes!! :laughing:


Ooh who made that?