Post Your Screenshots!


Beautiful photos, I may need to borrow one as a wallpaper :smile:


The creator would be the “gentleman” delivering the sermon in the picture.

Joking aside, a beautiful recreation of a small church and I highly recommend going for a visit. Just one of many impressive builds in his settlement there.


@wakeNbake @bucfanpaka awe. Let me know when you two get your vows together. Most people perfer a Saturday wedding. Bucfanpaka i’ll be sure to keep the Reapers Guild jet running in case you need to get outta there quick! I’m mean you two make a great couple. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m thinking very loudly to myself a sentence that consists of a single word that starts with f and ends with !.

Well played sir, well played.

But, how dare you turn our good-natured ■■■■-taking back upon us!!!


What colour is that ash


Just a few shots from around the Exodus…

… and a few from the test servers from a few weeks ago


I have to come visit this sometime. :smiley: These shots are just incredible, and love the test scenery shots too! Great work as always, I love this thread so much!

@georgegroeg - Haha, touche! :rofl: Though on a serious note, decking it out for Lovestruck and staging a few photos probably would be pretty cool when that time comes.



ok this is actually realy good :slight_smile: nice work :wink:


lol my anubis run away? O_O wtf :smiley:


What happened to your Anubis? Mine was in test, not exodus so it will go away with the test server wipe.


aaah xD when i was scrolling the page i saw head of it and i though oh my anubis is in there, then i scrolled more and i saw its in different place and i was like wtf O_O XD


ok , Yeah he was just a test to see if I could build it and how it looked from a distance.


thank you!


ok i just tested the x24 lod setting :slight_smile: those are the results :slight_smile:

now waiting for the night :slight_smile: to show the night version


Those angel wings though


this is from 255 height so :slight_smile: XD


now night version


Just a cool cavern I just came across a little bit ago mining deep on Norkyna. :slight_smile:


That was close. I almost walked right off…