Post Your Screenshots!


Oh ma gawd that is glorious!! I want something that can make that aura/glow/shine at my base :open_mouth::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks! :slight_smile: I went ahead and went back and grabbed the coords - this really would make a good spot for an underground base if someone were so inclined. Lot of area off to the south off camera to work with here too, and it is right on the edge of a big amethyst hotspot.


I can’t plot it myself, but thank you for posting the coords. I will def check it out next time I’m on Norky :+1::blush:


Eresho (not mine):

Finata (I think?):

View from merika…that’s a lot of plots!


Exoworlds always have the very best scenery.


Nilrebmah, a planet full of shadow beauty

(Will put the rest on exo planet thread)


Just doin a little running around Malurialakrib


that is quite stunning!:open_mouth:


Houchus is so beautiful…amazing pics! :grinning:


Looks nice man.
Have watched few streams where you build it… been a long journey.

I admire you patience.


I bet meteor fall in through that hole







Game is looking really pretty after the last patch!


Tonight, for a brief 30ish minutes, I decided to go to Houchus, mostly to grab some wood at first next to @AeneaGames’ portal… then I started grabbing some local grass seeds and glowing mushrooms and then went on the nearby mountains, near where I had my home previously, and decided to do a bit of cave mining…

Managed to get 183 rough sapphires in that time, from cave mining. I know, it’s not a lot compared to AoE mining, but to be honest, because of the recent reset that made all the resources basically be at “maximum” once again, it was actually fun to get these “few” gems this way. I grabbed a fair bit of Saltpetre and other fragments, too.

I wish cave mining could always remain fun like this, but I know that the resources will eventually feel scarce again… :frowning: Trying to enjoy it, for the little while it will probably last.




Holy moly!!!:astonished:


It’s way past bedtime, but I’m glad I visited the Exo Beta

Magnificent Caves!