Post Your Screenshots!


Ditto!! :heart_eyes: I put some others in the other thread but I’ll put a couple here too - haha, glad I’m not tired yet, and no real plans for tomorrow. I can just play and collect until :dizzy_face: :sleeping::sleeping:

You all come across me running in little circles in a corner of a cavern somewhere, just figure I fell asleep at the wheel here… :joy:

Edit: Close to 6 am EST, almost made it to dawn, could probably push a little more but need some rest to be fresh to go back to it again later! :wink:

… Sheesh, I probably need some help, don’t I? Heh, and of course my poor backlog games not getting touched!





More expanding. Started my kindling mass now.


just finished my new shop at Circa I PS


@Apt that’s just lovely…great work!


I noticed this as i was walking through today, absolutely breathtaking! Wish I could build with that level of detail!


Awesome work. I wish everything around it was in that style too. :+1::+1:


thanks y’all!
now that I’m looking at the screenshot, I think I called it prematurely. the roof is a bit plain :smiley: gotta do something about it right now. (any excuse to save some of that lovely red exo brick)

@georgegroeg I’m building an entire city like this on Antar IV soon (ish). currently in the process of finding the right color for ivy


Nice. I’ll have to check that out. This style would fit right in at the tower of power. I really like the cobble stone retaining wall.


a tribute to the most magnificent of beasts


Incredibly cool work on all @Apt, major props! :slight_smile: Absolutely love the wildstock, that is genius!


selling, should be dead , grab that shoe, you never know :rofl:


Nice work.
Especially like the roof.


Went for a swim…

Starting a new project and found a great view!


Who you gonna call………………


Trying some different stuff at my pyramid’s decorative tier, by my partner’s suggestion to use more Earth-like green colours… Still opted to use Kol Huroo rock and gravel though, as I feel they are OK with the green.


It’s the extras that make it worthwhile.


I went one point to exos just to collect other people s leftovers… large fossils etc