Post Your Screenshots!


People leaving stuff has paid for a number of my trips… and some people don’t bother to look behind them as they go, and leave the lucent gems sometimes too. :wink: I actually think it can help newer players, they can go along these tunnels and without a 3X3 even do well, just work from the stuff left, and often there is other stuff hiding behind that stuff.

But yep, I love finding areas like this. :smiley:


Ohh I absolutely adore those!! <3
I need one!




Found this place by accident. Really liked it!


thanks. I can build you one if you want :smiley:


I do love this game.
Just wanted to say :smile:


My roof seems to be leaking again :confused:


love the way you done the liquid I’ll take it xD


I have some ideas for the gleam beams down the walls too :wink:


Want to buy: one of the Deco Prestige seeds

Ready for a Boundless wedding so cute :blush:


We are gathered here today to witness a flower that shouldnt exist! You may take photos, but no Touching! :joy:


That’s what I was thinking - like the chapel, quite a romantic Lovestruck spot there! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think i still have some balloons from the event. I wonder if @Pikario would want em?


This is arie right? I know those trees miles away :stuck_out_tongue: . Just bumped into some newbs yesterday there


Wow that’s amazing, nice work :clap:


The new place (still rough around the edges lol.


It is, that’s a good eye you’ve got :eyes: haha. See if you can find me :slight_smile:


nice work!! What planet is that? really need the wood colour for some projects?.. Thought I had everything!! lol