Post Your Screenshots!


Thanks :slight_smile: it’s mainly silk mustard marble is my courtyard. I can’t remember what the wood colour is but it’s whatever the lustrous trees give in the big forests on Arie!


ahh I remember now!! thanks. Keep the nice builds and colours coming! thanks.


Quick question; How’d all these meteorites get under here?

My friend Top the Hopper doing some sweet break dance moves :joy:
@vdragon Probably a bug, he was spinning on his head stuck in the ticking(charging) animation. My assumption is that I stunned and knocked him back and he rolled into the water, but was upside down upon contact.


Out wandering Sorissi this morning and visited the Starlight Guardians Headquarters. It is REALLY beautiful, great work - my compliments to the creators of it! :smiley:


Finally got around to setting up a proper farm.

Designed a rather compact self sustaining version for combustion fraction farming, with lava chiseled under the lamps and corruption


I could use some balloons, thanks. I also need a portal to connect it to a more public site to be visited



Haha touché! Shame I wasn’t home :smile:


spitters looks superb after color change : )

edit: @Trickyy90 you have a new neighbour. no worries i kept distance : )


:smile: :smile:


some amazing pics here that really show the potential of this game.
I have started to post pics of exo planets to the boundless subreddit and maybe peeps could also start posting some builds etc over there.
Screenshots of this game are the first thing that got me really interested enough to buy it.
Also, anywhere else relevant that we could post?

Let’s Jumpstart Boundless Reddit

A lot of ppl that like this style of game are on twitter & share info there. (make sure you use tags so they will see them ie: #mmo #voxel #build #sandbox #screenshotsaturday etc) If you don’t use any tags/keywords, only your friends will see your stuff.

Steam screenshots - I find it a bit annoying to upload pics since I don’t keep the steam overlay on

Don’t know if it’s relevant, but instagram makes a nice gallery - it’s a bit of a process to get pics from your PC on there tho. Right click > inspect > click the phone/tablet icon until you get a version with a + sign so you can upload pics.


I’m focused on Twitter since I’ve got a lot of NMS folks seeing my stuff plus some of the general virtual photography people and I think they’re both good groups to try to bring in, but I’ve been really tempted to join in on the Reddit and start posting stuff there. After all, as I mentioned in another thread, it just seems that Reddit is the first place a lot of people turn to when looking for game information or help… although the Reddit for Boundless isn’t active, there are probably a bunch of lurkers stopping in. It would be good to have more stuff there, screenshots and tutorials and all. :slight_smile:


For a game like this, I would 100% agree that the reddit & wiki are usually the 2 most important things people will look for.


Was that the only time you saw it happen?


@bucfanpaka @majorvex Yea I think it could help if any reddit users popped in once in a while. I’ll probably start posting more there myself


playing with lighting…


I can definitely hook ya up with portal conduits, you’ll have to scout a location to put em tho. When i log in, in a bit I’ll dig and try to find those balloons


Just dropped some comments. :slight_smile: Eventually maybe I’ll start some topics too. Certainly can’t hurt to get some more positivity and info over there! :wink:


Love this build so much @Apt